Karval Community Alliance
Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Karval Community Alliance met on Tuesday, March 24, 2009. The meeting was called to order at 7:25 p.m. by Dan Merewether, Alliance Chairman.

The minutes were read and accepted with the following correction. – add Winifred Pepper to the Food Committee

Audit Committee Report
Dan thanked Cherry Stogsdill and Letha Clark for help on that committee and thanked Tammy and Jeff Thornton for their good bookkeeping. Cherry explained the results of the financial review. Carl Stogsdill thanked the Audit Committee for their hard work. The Alliance made $5,037.72 last year and has a net worth of $14,860.99. It was moved the audit report be accepted. The motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report
Sheri Logan explained the treasurer’s report from the beginning of the year. The Alliance’s current balance is $9,743.93. It was moved that the treasurer’s report be approved. The motion passed unanimously.

Dan talked to the bank about changing the signature card – a new card will have to be started in order to remove names. Names have not yet been removed, because the process will prevent us from signing checks, which is not good timing with the Plover Festival approaching. The name change will be made at a better time.


RAW Tours
Katie Merewether reported that the Karval elementary students will have their fieldtrip at Russell Davis’ ranch tomorrow. Mrs. Flack’s class from the Evangelical Christian Academy in Colorado Springs will come on May 12. An advertising flyer will be created for the Plover Festival and the paper to attract more student groups for next year.

Tours and Transportation for Plover Festival
Carl has submitted tour times.
Friday 7 p.m. – Dusk Wildlife Tour and Star Gazing
Saturday 6 a.m. – Early Risers Tour
Saturday Afternoon/Evening tours
Sunday 6 a.m. – Sunrise Tour
Sunday afternoon – explore designated properties as desired

Tour locations are not yet determined. We’ll need to scout for plovers and a good prairie dog location.

The School Board has a new policy for the school bus use at $25/day plus fuel. This applies to any community use of the buses.

Carl got hold of an astronomer, Ben Wentworth, Sr., who is willing to help with a stargazing tour at Karval Lake on Friday night. There might be a meteor shower and the moon is supposed to be very good that night.

Tour Snacks
Aloha and Melvin Wolf are organizing snacks. Hot water with hot cocoa packets, tea bags, or instant coffee would be very useful if it is cold. Carl reported that the Lincoln County Farm Bureau will give us 6 cases of water. He will pass the water to the Wolfs. We need to make sure that there are plenty of blankets on the bus in case the weather is cold. The Wolfs can coordinate with the Food Committee if they need additional help with tour snacks.

Vendor Booths
Letha reported that 10 vendor spaces have already been reserved and there are more interested parties. Carl reported that a vendor from Yoder will be setting up outside. Vendors both inside and outside will be charged $10.

A silent auction table was suggested. In order to save room, each vendor could have a silent auction item on their table. That will encourage people to go to all the tables. The bidding will be open. A minimum bid and a minimum raise amount should be posted.

A motion was made and passed that a silent auction be held. The Wing It Committee will decide which items will be used for the auction and which for door prizes on the day of the auction. Susann Mikkelson will bring silent auction forms and help with the process.

Door Prizes
Plover Festival guests will automatically have a door prize ticket. Those who come to purchase a meal individually will have to buy a ticket. Carl has some beef that could be used for door prizes or an auction item.

To date, Cherry has firm commitments for the Plover Festival from about 10 people.

History Booth
Betty Lee Bailey requested that people bring historical items to display – military pictures and memorabilia, old Karval school items, 4-H artifacts, and anything else are welcome.

Food Committee
All tours will be free for local residents. Locals will pay $6 for all meals other than the Chuck Wagon Dinner on Saturday evening, which will be $10.
Friday ice cream social and sandwiches – Willing Workers
Saturday breakfast – Karval Alliance
Saturday lunch – Friendship Circle
Saturday chuck wagon dinner – Karval Sophomore Class
Sunday morning – Karval Lions Club – A pancake or other full breakfast was requested.
Sunday lunch – FFA

Food contracts will be sent out to all participating clubs so clarify expectations and payment.

Sheri suggested that latex wristbands of different colors be used to keep track of people who have paid for meals. Each band will cost at least $1.02. Several people expressed concern about the cost. It was suggested that latex bands be considered as souvenirs for next year’s festival.

It was moved that paper wristbands be used as last year. The motion passed unanimously.

Karval Alliance Saturday Breakfast
40 to 50 people are expected.
Steve Bailey – juice
Sheri Logan – coffee and scrambled eggs
Frances Maskus – German sausage
Dan Merewether – cinnamon rolls
Cherry Stogsdill – hashbrowns
Carlings – oatmeal and coffee cake
Susann Mikkelson – will ask for meat donations

Cherry is coordinating donations for the food. Please contact her with donations so she knows what will be coming.

Frances will be sending Plover Festival letters to everyone in the Karval School District. Money will be saved by e-mailing and hand delivering as much as is practical.

Promotional Items
Dan reported that Marty Adams got a quote from Stitch-It in Eads. White - $6.00; Light-color shirt - $7.00; Dark-color shirt - $8.00 Three weeks are needed to make the shirts. 72 shirts were ordered last year, but over 30 are left over. It was moved that the t-shirts be ordered from Stitch-It in Eads, half light and half dark, 50 shirts, 5 XXL and 5 kids’ sizes. The motion passed.

Stitch-It also makes embroidered caps for $6.65 to $7.25. 49 caps were ordered last year and 16 were left over. It was discussed that last year’s cap was too flimsy and better quality would be preferable. Carl moved that we purchase 36 good quality caps – 12 sky blue denim ($7.25 each), 12 navy blue denim ($7.25 each), and 12 pink twill ($6.65). The motion was seconded and passed.

“I’m a Plover Lover” could be on the back of the shirts.

PA System and Lights
Letha will check out her PA system. Steve will provide his PA system for inside/outside use.

Steve priced installation of an outside light. It would be ideal to have lighting in by the Plover Festival. Steve is willing to install the lights. Carl moved that we finance the installation of an outside lighting system on the Community Building up to $300 with the approval of the Community Building Board. The motion was seconded and passed.

The bluegrass band cannot come. We would have to pay $1000 for them. Susann is checking on a country band out of Burlington. She also knows a clown.

$2 per chuck wagon plate will go toward entertainment. The high school is willing to do a 45 minute presentation. Russell Davis moved that we just have Karval students provide entertainment Saturday evening. The motion was seconded and passed.

Photo Contest
Dan spoke with Nancy Stoker. She is willing to help judge the contest and thinks that the best prize would be a gift certificate for a camera store that also has an online option. Wolf Camera might be a good choice. $50 will be the grand prize.

Frances is going to make the prize ribbons and has purchased the canvas for mounting. We are currently at $492 out of the $500 grant, assuming all the prizes are awarded.

Light Bulbs
Frances will call Mountain View Electric and ask if they have light bulbs available for us to sell.

School Invitations
Dan will speak with Marty about how many students and teachers can attend the Festival free of charge.

David Vickers from the LaJunta paper wants to use the pictures that are on the karval.org website. It was moved that we give permission to David Vickers to use the pictures for the purpose of writing an article to promote the Plover Festival. The motion passed.

Thanks to Frances for creating a scrapbook. Please give her memorabilia for the Alliance history so she can keep the book current.

Partnership for Conservation Meeting
June 2 and 3 are still tentative dates for this two-day conference. $6000 has been committed for this event. The Alliance will be responsible for arranging the tour at the ranch, hosting a supper at the Community Building, and providing entertainment for the evening.

Co-op Grant
We have been approved for a $1000 grant to find cooperative business for the Karval community. This can tie to the meat processing facility or any other cooperative venture. We must spend $1000 of our funds, a combination of cash and in-kind donations, to match. We have through the end of 2009 to use the money.

Susann would love to continue to work with the Alliance for 2010. She encourages us to define a project.

The meat processing feasibility study grant for $40,000 was submitted to Western SARE. We still haven’t heard. Budget restrictions are affecting staffing at SARE, so the decision hasn’t been made yet.

A rural business enterprise grant for $90,000 through USDA has been submitted. This grant will study the possibility for a combination of mobile slaughter units using Karval as a fabrication (packaging) facility. This grant has a matching requirement.

Next Meeting
It was moved and seconded that we meet on Wednesday, April 29 at 7 p.m. with no refreshments or dinner. The motion passed unanimously.

Tourism Board
Vernon Stone reported that the Lincoln County Tourism Board is seeking proposals that will encourage tourism. Monies will come available in May.

The meeting adjourned at 10:15 p.m.

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