Karval Community Alliance
May 27, 2009

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm.

Attendees: Dan Merewether, Sheri Logan, Cherry and Carl Stogsdill, Winifred Pepper, Letha Clark, Betty Bailey, Aloha and Melvin Wolf, Frances Maskus, Steve Bailey, Russell Davis, Katie Merewether, Susann Mikkelson, Jeff Thornton, Mark and Mags Carling

Carl moved that the agenda be approved with amendment. Aloha seconded. Motion passed.

It was moved and seconded that the minutes from the last meeting be approved per reading at home. Motion passed. Mags will e-mail meeting minutes to all attendees with current addresses on file.

Treasurer’s Report
Detailed transaction records were distributed. Total Plover Festival profit was $844.00. There were many free meals and t-shirts given away, which cut profits. Free meals resulted in a $28 meal loss, after paying off all the clubs. Light bulbs, Christmas lights, and the silent auction were the biggest money makers during the Festival. The Alliance’s current balance in checking is $9,565.06. Total assets are $15,053.31. Our property tax evaluation increased this year. Carl moved and Letha seconded that the treasurer’s report be accepted. Motion passed.

Plover Festival
The practice of giving full refunds to non-attendees was discussed. Russell stated that he was pleased with the fact that the Alliance made any profit from the Festival. We did well, considering the number of registrants (5 full weekend folks, 1 single-day attendee). Lodging money was an additional benefit to people in the community.

Next year, we should advertise in the Country Magazine, published in Wisconsin. AAA Magazine might be a good place to advertise. We need to start putting forth advertising money for the festival.

RAW Tour

Katie reported that Mrs. Flack and her 3rd grade class (18 students and 5 adults) came from Colorado Springs. They had a great time and would like to make it an ongoing activity. There were four stations at the Winegar-Davis Ranch. The 10 pairs of binoculars were used and were enough for the group present. Russell reported that the agency representatives were very impressed with the tour model and its positive results. Congratulations to Katie. Tours will probably begin again next spring.

This might be a possibility for children whose parents are attending the Plover Festival. The home school parents in Limon might be interested in attending a tour as well.

Photo Contest

Cherry sent the grant feedback to the Colorado Council for the Arts. Thank you. She noted to the council that we would like to apply for a similar grant next year. Frances gave four of the remaining cameras to those students who entered the photo contest. Four more cameras will be saved for the contest next year. The grand prize picture is being entered by Bobbie Jo, the photographer. Next year, it might be helpful to display by category. Better labeling would be good. A maximum size picture might be stated in order to conserve board space.

Astronomy Tour
Carl talked to Ben Wentworth, Sr. about his club visiting Karval. Saturday, August 15 is the date they would like. It is a good time for astronomical events. Mr. Wentworth will check with his club and see how many are interested in attending and what services they would like. Carl will follow-up. Dan will research the school schedule during that time. We would like to take this as an opportunity to advertise the festival and do some fund-raising.

Farmers Union Grant

We received notification that we got $1000 to pursue a CO-OP project. This requires a $1000 match, which can be in-kind. The Alliance sends the Farmers Union $1000 and receives it back in the grant. However, this year, the match will not be needed. ($2000 total) This grant can be used to cover expenses for attending meetings to pursue co-op formation. We could promote local products at the Lincoln County Fair. Co-op education meetings could be useful. The money needs to be paid up front and then invoices submitted to Farmers Union.

Aside: Rural Cooperative Development Grant requires 25% match.

RV Park

The RV Park should be designed and landscaped with an eye to the Plover Festival. We need to think about how to make that happen. It will work better if we can use it to provide recreational opportunities to people in Karval.

Slaughter Plant Meetings
The Kiowa County Commissioners are really interested in pursuing mobile slaughtering, more mobile butchering with cutting and wrapping done at a central location. Bruce, the Kiowa County Extension Agent, e-mailed Dan stating that there will be meetings to assess interest.

Transporting pre-slaughtered animals and leaving slaughter waste at the rancher’s site has many advantages. This hasn’t been successful in other states. We need to find out why. There are also some successful operations. It seems to work better with small livestock: poultry, rabbits, etc.
There will be a meeting with the Denver Public School System on June 2 in Rocky Ford at 2 pm at the FSA Office on 10th Street south of Hwy 50. They’re trying to work farm products in with the school system cafeterias: meat (beef, buffalo, chicken), fruit and vegetables, whole grains. Dan, Carl, and Cherry will attend. Everyone is welcome. There is another meeting in Ordway on June 8.

There are many adjunct businesses with this idea. Slaughter waste can be processed and marketed in a number of ways.

Partners for Conservation Meeting
This meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 14. The Community Building is reserved. The high school kids will be involved in the afternoon and evening. The congressional folks will be meeting that morning in Denver. The Department of Interior is looking into getting Secretary Ken Salazar or his staff here for the occasion. Russell is working to bring our congressional leaders here as well. This is a group (13 western states represented) working to form a national consortium of landowners to promote habitat and conservation partnerships. The group will tour the Winegar-Davis Ranch from 2-6 pm. Dinner will be at the Community Building from 5 or 6 pm. Karval students will be invited to perform and present RAW Tours. Then, some personal presentations will be made. The group will return to Denver that night to meet there on Thursday.

The Alliance will help with the meal (about 80 people), entertainment, literature/folder about Karval, mementos (leather key chain?), and Community Building set-up. Fish and Wildlife has committed almost $4500 to the event. Expenses will be out-of-pocket up front and then reimbursed. Katie Fitzgerald would like to work with Mags on developing the literature. The toilet paper song is a special request.

We want to accurately represent our culture and the Karval community. Small committees will be formed and then bigger and specific needs will be forwarded to the Alliance as a whole, probably in August. All work will be sourced as locally as possible – local meat, leatherworking, etc. Dinner should be served rather than buffet style? Who should be invited locally? How many people can we fit in the Community Building? Where should entertainment take place?

Fish and Wildlife has generously grated $12,000 toward this project and future festivals. This event can be of great benefit to the community and to landowners who are interested in conservation.

Business Directory
A sample business directory registration was passed around. Cherry moved and Sheri seconded that we move forward with the proposal for the business directory as outlined. Registration deadline will be July 1. The motion passed.

Frances will help Mags with the mailing labels for the school district and Alliance membership. Everyone ate cake and sang Happy Birthday to Steve.

Farm Bureau Letter
Dan is drafting a letter of support for the Lincoln County Farm Bureau to apply for a low-interest loan through USDA to purchase the building they currently occupy.

Other Business
Carl is checking into the Alliance signing up for a credit card vendor. Perhaps more people would register for the festival if we offered credit card billing. The fee is around 3%. PayPal also might be a useful feature for online registration. Getting credit card information from registrants will increase their commitment to attending the Festival.

Remember to turn in In-Kind donation forms to Dan.

Thank you to Frances for submitting a Plover Festival article to the Limon Leader.

Thank you notes need to be written to Festival participants. A thank you letter could also be published in the paper.

Carl moved that the Alliance be included in the Farmers Union 2010 work plan. Jeff seconded. Motion passed.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, July 28 @ 7 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 9:35 p.m.

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