Karval Community Alliance
July 28, 2009

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m.

Attendees: Dan Merewether, Betty Clark, Winifred Pepper, Betty Lee Bailey, Frances Maskus, Aloha and Melvin Wolf, Letha Clark, Russell Davis, Mark and Mags Carling, Shaun Leonard, Carl and Cherry Stogsdill

Opening Business
The agenda was approved as written. Dan summarized the minutes by topic. Sheri was unable to attend as treasurer but sent the news that nothing had changed since the last meeting.

Business Directory
A current list of business directory ads was passed around. Those without an entry are encouraged to submit one for publication.

501c3 Report

A response was received from the IRS. We have put into our by-laws that, if the Alliance dissolves, the assets will be put into government entities. Further information was sent to the IRS. Notification of acceptance should be received soon.

Fire Department

Shaun Leonard reported that the fire district applied for a grant to build a new building, about 80’x80’. The fire department would like to build on the Alliance property next to the water treatment facility. The building could also be used for Alliance functions, such as the Plover Festival. Frances moved that the Alliance work on this with the Fire Department and determine if we can assist them. Betty Clark seconded. Motion passed.

Astronomy Tour
Carl has not heard further information other than a tentative date of August 21. Perhaps a fund-raiser could be put together for that date. This could potentially be combined with the beginning of the school year potluck to meet new teachers. Dan and Carl will work on this.

Consignment Auction
Carl moved that we have a consignment auction on the afternoon of Homecoming. The motion died, but there is interest in investigating the possibility with the school and alumni. Homecoming is on September 12.

Slaughter Plant Meetings
Dan, Carl, and Sheri went to Rocky Ford to gather information from people who are interested in using locally produced foods in the Denver public schools. The idea of a Karval slaughterhouse was presented as an option for a local beef supply. Beef products would probably have to be precooked in order to be used in the schools. This would create two or three businesses – slaughtering, preparing, and shipping.

Sheri and Dan attended a meeting in Ordway about mobile slaughter plants in Kiowa County. The general idea is that the trucks would come to one central ranch in a community where locals could bring their animals. The facility can be transformed to a different livestock processing facility within an hour and a half. The meat would then be hauled to a centralized processing facility where it would be aged, cut, and packaged. Karval would like to be that processing facility. They have applied for a feasibility study grant and it may be possible that we could partner if that grant goes through.

Farmer’s Union Grant
We have a $4,000 grant for economic development, and we need to spend that money by the end of the year. Those who attend meetings should submit invoices to be reimbursed. We could have someone come out and give a presentation on mobile slaughterhouses. Perhaps this could be used to further some aspect of the RV park or the fire department.

Partners for Wildlife Conservation Meeting
Wednesday, October 14 – Russell Davis submitted a preliminary budget for the event. They want to have the event in the Community Center. Space will be tight with over 100 people attending. Serving will be at 5 or 6 pm.

Meals Committee (local BBQ beef): Frances (chair), Betty Bailey
Supplies/Setup: Letha (chair)
Info Packets: Mags (chair)
Ranch and Wildlife Education Tours Video: Katie Fitzgerald and Katie Merewether
Entertainment: Dan will coordinate with Ann Savage at the school.
Souvenir: Dan will coordinate with Linda James on leather key chains.
Tour vehicles (school buses or trailers w/bales): Carl
Tour refreshments: Sheri (chair), Frances
Port-a-Potty: Steve or Cherry (chair)

Committees need to have something to present at the next meeting.

Next Meetings
August 11 (only if astronomy tour is taking place) and August 25 (focus on Wildlife Conservation Meeting) – both at 7 p.m.

Dan will e-mail prior to the August 11 meeting to confirm.

Meeting adjourned at 9:13 p.m.

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