Karval Alliance Meeting Minutes
September 22, 2009

The meeting was called to order at 7:20 p.m.

Attendees: Dan Merewether, Winifred Pepper, Letha Clark, Betty Clark, Betty Lee Bailey, Melvin Wolfe, Carl Stogsdill, Frances Maskus, Patricia Vice, Vernon Stone, Russell Davis, Sheri Logan, Katy Fitzgerald, Mark and Mags Carling

Previous Minutes
Darlene Scott is the CAP meeting facilitator. The minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report
Current balance is $9,711.80. The treasurer’s report was approved.

Farmer’s Union Grant
Those who attended processing plant meetings need to submit their expenses to receive grant funds. Dan said that a sewage study and plan could also fit into the available grant funds. Carl moved and Betty Lee seconded that we get a sewage engineering study done for the RV park using these funds, contingent upon this project meeting the grant criteria. The motion passed.

Partners for Conservation
Supplies and Setup: “Partners for Conservation” will be written on the centerpieces. Letha has created 33 boot centerpieces. Table settings are lined up.

We need everyone to submit their expenses as soon as possible. Please get expenses to Dan via e-mail or in person. We need to stay within our budget as best as possible.

Meals: We’re currently at $10-11 per plate. The Stogsdills offered to take the job of cooking the prime rib. Everyone will be asked to bring 2 pies. Ice cream freezers: Frances, Dan, Betty Lee, (one more is needed). People will need to be contacted to make pies.

This is NOT a public meal. Only Alliance members who are directly involved in helping with the activities will be present. There just isn’t room for extra folks.

Refreshments: Snacks and water will be provided in central locations during the tour at the Wineinger-Davis Ranch. Coffee will be provided, too. We are trying to highlight local products in the snack selection.

Information Packets: 98% complete. Printing will be done at Kinko’s. Extra sheets can be used for promotional material later and posted on the website. 125 folders will be made.

The Plover Festival will be April 30 – May 2. Prices are staying the same.
Mags will get a registration form ready to include in the packets.

History – the store was created in 1917. Karval School – expanding the student population from 55 bricks and mortar students to over 250 total.

RAW Tours Video: Joni James completed a video to show on the bus and use as promotional video. The video was shown after the meeting. 25-50 copies will be created for the event. Diana Elliott may be a source for making copies.

Banners: Dan is working to order banners. One banner will be generic and reusable. They will cost about $100 total.

Pictures: Sheri is estimating 12 pictures for decorations. They will be sold via silent auction at the event. Auction proceeds will go to the school.

Entertainment: Ann Savage is working on a program with the students.

Location: The high school is available if more space is needed, but there is a strong feeling that the event should take place in the Community Building. We may need to borrow tables from the school. Frances and Dan will determine what needs to be borrowed. Frances will see if we can set up the day before. Katy can come to help with the setup.

Souvenirs: Linda has ordered a leather stamp to make leather key chains at $7.50 each. She purchased a press to make the stamps clear.

Tour Vehicles: Three vehicles will be needed. Carl will come up with something.

Port-a-Potty: Two units on one trailer need to be rented. Dan will work on it with Steve. Washtubs outside or hand sanitizer will be needed to wash hands for dinner.

Receipts: Please turn them in ASAP! All bills will be paid through the Alliance.

Pat Vice brought a PowerPoint for a presentation that she will be giving in Lubbock, Texas at a Ports-to-Plains conference. She will show it after the meeting.

Over a dozen flies were killed during the meeting using four fly swatters.

Next Meeting: Work meeting to set up the Community Building on Wednesday, October 13. Show up around 1 or 1:30 p.m.

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