Karval Community Alliance Meeting

December 2, 2009

Attendees: Dan Merewether, Letha Clark, Frances Maskus, Melvin Wolfe, Carl Stogsdill, Vernon Stone, Mags Carling

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 p.m.

All auctioned pictures from the October convention are now paid.

The minutes from the previous meeting were approved.

501 (c) (3)

Our nonprofit application has been moved to be a dormant account as of Nov. 28, due to lack of communication with the IRS. Somehow, an August 3 letter was not received. Carl has diligently been calling and leaving messages with Richard Coombs. We must contact them within 90 days to reactivate our application.

AAA Magazine

We have an ad for the Plover Festival in the AAA magazine for this coming year.

April 30 – May 2, 2010

ECCOG Event Promotion

Eastern Colorado Council of Governments, according to Nola Stone, has a website and pamphlet that posts events. There is also money available for promotion. Dan will contact them.


Carl with check with them about funding to promote Alliance events.

Lighting Contest (Saturday, December 12)

  • Prize money will be the same as last year.
  • Dinner will be served from 5 to 6 pm for $5 per meal. Potato soup (Sheri), chili (Winifred), and chicken noodle soup (Tammy) with grilled cheese (Carl) and salad (Vernon and Letha). Cinnamon rolls (Mary) and brownies (Vernon and Mags) for dessert. Those who bring salads should bring dressing, if applicable.
  • The tour will leave at 6 p.m. and return to the Community Center afterwards for hot chocolate (Mags will purchase) and cookies (Alliance members).
  • Frances or Sheri will create another poster to advertise.
  • Entrants need to contact Frances to let her know that they would like to participate.



Frances picked up 72 strings (6 boxes with 12 strings each), sold 8 boxes at the craft show, 4 boxes today, and has a lady to get a case. Frances also sold some light bulbs at the craft show. Alliance profit was $56.25.

The Branding Iron is going to sell Alliance t-shirts and caps for $13 each. The Alliance will get $12 for each item sold.

Windship Ranch

David wrote a letter from the Alliance to support the awarding of GOCO funds to purchase this ranch. Mags will give Susann contact information for this project.

Farmer’s Union Grant

We still need to use our $2000. Letha moved that we use the grant money to hire WW Enterprises to do a septic engineering study for the RV park and then use any remaining funds to reimburse members who traveled to meat processing plant meetings. Carl seconded. The motion passed.

Plover Festival

The website needs to be updated for the Plover Festival. Information needs to be available and easy to find!

Next Meeting: Thursday, January 7 at 7 p.m. to plan the Annual Meeting, which must take place in January according to the by-laws. Dan Merewether, Sheri Logan, and Russell Davis will be up for re-election this year.

Lincoln County Holiday Basket Program

The Alliance (Frances) collected 100 pounds of food and toys that Carl will deliver to Hugo.

Lincoln County Tourism Board

Meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month. We should bring in a request for Plover Festival magazine advertising before placing an ad. December 15 is the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

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