Karval Community Alliance Meeting Minutes

January 7, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 p.m.

Attendees: Dan Merewether, Sheri Logan, Betty Lee Bailey, Frances Maskus, Letha and Ron Clark, Melvin Wolfe, Steve Bailey, Vernon Stone, Carl Stogsdill, Katy Fitzgerald, Mage Carling, Russell Davis


Russell Davis will be going to Wray on January 19 at 7 p.m. to present the RAW program to the Three Rivers Alliance.

Agenda and Minutes

The agenda was approved as written.

The previous meeting’s minutes were amended to state that Dan (instead of David) Merewether wrote a letter regarding the Windship Ranch. The minutes were approved as corrected.

Treasurer’s Report

It is very important that everyone record miles, time, donations (food, paper, etc.) on their donation sheets. This data is vital for matching grants.

It was moved by Steve that that we place $5000 into a one-year CD in order to get interest. Frances seconded. The motion passed.

Sheri is going to file the annual report with the State online by January 31.

Frances moved that Sheri be reimbursed for the purchase of a stamp to endorse checks. Letha seconded. The motion passed.

Sheri looked into PayPal for online transactions. It costs 2.9% of the sale price and $0.30 per transaction. She is communicating with Erik Hilton about this possibility, as well as posting items online.

Christmas Lighting Contest

Carl distributed award certificates from Mountain View Electric. 1st place – Shaun & Ashley Leonard; 2nd place – Doug & Connie Stone; 3rd place – John and Jodi Kerr The group drove 47 miles to view the nine entries. The Alliance made $5.50 on the event. Twenty-three people attended the meal before the tour.

Maybe next year, the event should take place closer to Christmas, perhaps the Tuesday night before Christmas, once school activities are over.

501(c)(3) Report

Carl and Dan visited with Pat Vice yesterday for help responding to the government’s questions (Richard Coombs) about our application. She was very helpful in providing data and suggestions. The Stogsdills will send in the Alliance’s response as soon as possible. Carl is having an easier time communicating with Richard now, so things should be less confusing and easier to clear up.

The 501(c)(3) is strictly for charitable and educational purposes. We need to be more exact in our language as we discuss the Alliance’s goals. We are striving to improve the town of Karval and to attract investors, but not to own any businesses or economic ventures.

FYI: Demographics are available at the Dept. of Labor website www.dol.gov.

Septic System Engineering Report

A good place for a septic system has been located on the property. W.W. Enterprises did the study for about $1,700. Susann Mikkelson will use our grant money from Farmer’s Union to cover that cost. After discussion, it was decided that we should ask Farmer’s Union to send us the money and we will pay W.W. Enterprises, so we have a record.

We must design for under 2,000 gallons effluent per day and have dumping monitored to fit within that spec. Otherwise, we will have to get a state study done. This design would allow for 8 RVs, 5 campsites, and one restroom/shower building.

Farmer’s Union Grants

We used very close to all of our $2000 2009 Farmer’s Union Grant between the septic engineering report and meat processing facility research trips.

This year, we have a $2000 grant for Farmer’s Union Grant and a matching $2000 federal grant. This money needs to support cooperative ventures.

RAW Grant Information

Katy found out that we received the grant that she applied for to support the RAW students as well as money from a second funding source: $7500 total. This year, busing costs for 2 schools is covered; a curriculum day with local students will be run; Karval students will attend a 2-day workshop with wildlife professionals in Colorado Springs so they have background knowledge to teach the field trip kids; shadow days will be arranged for Karval students to follow wildlife professionals.

The Alliance will need to commit to be the clearinghouse for the grant funds. If the Alliance agrees to the Cost-Share agreement, then Dan will be asked to sign the agreement in our behalf.

Katy invited older/mature RAW students and any interested community members to the Wildlife Society meeting in Pueblo on Tuesday, February 9. The theme is habitat restoration. Through this existing coop agreement, funding for the students to attend as a professional development day is available. It was moved by Letha and seconded by Carl that the Alliance support the expenditure of funds for up to 10 students and Mark Carling to attend the Wildlife Society meeting. The motion passed.

It was moved by Russell that the Alliance pay up to $200 to Karval School to cover the expenses of Mark’s absence for the above field trip. Melvin seconded. The motion passed.

Katy needs any comments on the Cost-Share Agreement by the end of next week.

Calling Tree & Annual Meeting

Betty Lee, Winifred, and Carl are willing to call everyone about the annual meeting. Carl moved that the annual meeting take place on Thursday, January 28. Vernon seconded. The motion passed.

Dan is planning to attend local churches to speak about the Alliance and to invite folks to the annual meeting. Frances is willing to write a report to highlight Alliance accomplishments over the past year.

Steve moved and Vernon seconded that we have a potluck meal at the annual meeting. The motion passed.  It was agreed by consensus that the meal will take place at 6 p.m.

Dan, Sheri, and Russell are up for re-election. All three are willing to run again. The board members who are not up for re-election are the nominating committee.

Small Step Awards Grant

This is for the photography contest for the festival from the Colorado Council for the Arts. Dan will look into this.

Plover Festival

We need to present to 3 community groups and hand out promotional materials, according to our cooperative agreement. Russell Davis spoke about the Plover Festival at a meeting in Fort Collins.

Vernon moved three times that we adjourn. Everyone finally agreed at 9:08 p.m. Whew!

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