ATTENDEES: Carl Stogsdill, Frances Maskus, Jodi Kerr, Dan and Mary Merewether, Jeff Thornton, Russell Davis, and Devon Seymour

The meeting was called to order at 7:04 pm.

There was one change made to the minutes prior to the meeting. The Farmer’s Union Grant money was delegated to the Canola research. Jeff made motion to accept the minutes as corrected. Carl 2nd the motion. All was in favor.

TREASURER’S REPORT: No report this evening. Jodi will check with Sheri to see if all paperwork has been filed for this past year with the IRS.

AUDIT COMMITTEE: Jeff will work on setting up this committee and will involve the new Treasurer.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT: Mary did receive $240.00 for membership dues at the annual meeting. We received one new family membership: Scott and Katie Zipperer. Currently we have 9 renewals for the year. Mary will be sending out a renewal membership e-mail to all current members. She will wait a few weeks and send another reminder through the mail.

ANNUAL MEETING: We sent out 132 invitations and we had 48 individuals present at our annual meeting. The Alliance guaranteed 50 meals at $10.00 a plate. We had several community members say they were glad to see us sponsor the dinner. Dan did take up some chairs/tables from community center. Jeff made motion to pay rent to the community center for the use of the items. Carl 2nd the motion. All was in favor. Thank you Dan for taking the items to the café and helping set up for the meeting.

ELECITON RESULTS: Jeff, Carl and Jodi were all re-elected. New board members elected were Devon Seymour and Maria Adams. It was brought up that according to our by-laws you need to be a member of the Alliance to serve on the board. The officers elected are as follows:

Dan: President

Carl: Vice President

Jodi: Secretary

Maria: Treasurer


SIGNS: Thanks Carl for all the hard work you put into this project. Jodi began working on the grant application to the tourism board but due to personal issues turned it over the Dan for completion. Dan got a call and they approved our application. They will pay for all the material and the alliance will pay for the labor. All receipts for this project needs to be turned into our Treasurer. She will reimburse you for your cost and then send them to the tourism board for payment of the grant. It is our intention to have the signs up prior to Plover Festival. We do believe that these signs have a life expectancy of 10 years. A thank you will be sent to Tourism Board when the signs are up along with a picture of the completed assignment.

CENTENNIAL MEETING: Centennial committee formally asks the Alliance to use us as official bookkeeper involving all money involved in the celebration. Carl made the motion to be a pass through of all designated funds involved in the centennial celebration. Jeff 2nd the motion. All was in favor. Tammy will be the representative for the Centennial and Dan will be the representative for the Karval Alliance to deal with all money issues/grants/donation for this year’s centennial celebration.

Dan presented a grant application to the Tourism Board for $2,000 for the Centennial to be used for entertainment.

Carl made motion to be a sponsor of the centennial celebration. Jeff 2nd the motion. All was in favor. A level of sponsorship will be determined at a later date.

PLOVER BROCHURES: Carl asked Larra to order 500 more brochures. We still have not received a bill for any brochures. Once the bill is received we will discuss if we want to apply for a tourism board grant to help cover the cost. Carl will also check with Larra to see if she can send via e-mail a copy of our brochure to Erik to be placed on our website.

DISPLAY BOARD: Russell and Carl needs some brochures and the display board to take with them to some of their upcoming meetings/festivals. Jodi will check with Mr. Savage to see if and when the board is complete. If at all possible it needs to be done by February 25th for Carl.

Carl will check on the Goose Festival and Crane Festival and go if he can. Devon will think about going along.

PLOVER FESTIVAL: Jeff is continuing to work on housing arrangements. So far he has 5 travel trailers that can be brought up to the community center and set up. Mary will bring up housing to her Circle group to see if anyone is interested in renting a room and shower. The cost of renting the room will be $30.

We need to start talking about entertainment, food, etc. Saturday night Carl has made arrangements for a dutch oven supper. Jeff will check with Tammy to see if she knows of any possible entertainment groups that we could contact. If so Tammy will contact Dan with some names. We need to get serious next month in starting to plan.

Larra applied for Small Steps Grant for Photo contest in the amount of $2,035. Dan will fill out remaining paperwork ASAP so it can be submitted.

CALENDARS: Katie has volunteered to take over the calendar venture. She has all the information and packet. We need to start putting the word out that we are taking this over. She will contact us if she needs assistance.


EAST CENTRAL COUNCIL: This organization has sent us paperwork to be filled out in regards to any events we want published in their event guide. It was decided to publish this years and next year’s plover festival: Plover Festival April 29,30 May 1 2011 and a tentative date of April 27, 28 and 29, 2012 and the Centennial Celebration July 2-4, 2011. Jodi will fill out the paperwork and fax it back prior to March 18th.

RAW: April 14th Training the trainers day at the Community Center. We were asked to take care of the lunch arrangements. Sheri will organize a luncheon.

Russell has a group of kids coming in July. Alliance has decided to help with a luncheon for this event as well. $5.00 a plate was discussed as the price to tell the group. He will present more information when the time gets closer.

Frances made motion for Sheri to be RAW contact treasurer and still work with Katie. She will teach the new treasurer as well regarding all RAW as she is doing this. Jeff 2nd. All was in favor.

BUS: The school is selling a 24 passenger bus and 15 passenger van. Are we interested? Do we use them enough to keep up on the insurance? After discussion we decided we do not use it enough to have the expense of insurance.

CANOLA: Carl, Jeff and Dan are working together. They are going to test on 40 acres or more plots to see how things go. This does not fit into the Alliance at this time. They are working on this project independently but will keep the Alliance updated on its progress.


FARMER’s UNION GRANT: We are not using any money this year.

SWIFT FOX DENS: Nancy Stocker contacted Dan in regards to this. More info coming later.

NEXT MEETING: March 8, 2011 at 700 pm


The meeting was dismissed at 9:01 pm.


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