ATTENDEES: Carl Stogsdill, Dan Merewether, Jeff and Tammy Thornton, Frances Maskus and Larry Leonard.

The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm.

One change to the February minutes was that we suggested rent to be $30.00 per night. Carl made a motion to accept the minutes as corrected. Jeff seconded. All was in favor.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Frances presented a report from Sheri that she filed the 990. The CD had rolled over and is now paying 1.01% interest. Carl made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report. Jeff seconded the motion. Motion passed. Sheri is stepping down as Treasurer at the end of March. Jeff to talk to Maria. Tammy volunteered to be Treasurer .

AUDIT COMMITTEE: Jeff will talk to Linda Yoder & Sandy Taylor to do the audit.

PLOVER FESTIVAL CHUCKWAGON SUPPER: Larry Leonard, Homer Hill and James Emmerling will do dutch oven supper. Larry Leonard asked about the utensils, cost, time, where to set up and what the Alliance will do.

Carl made a motion to furnish utensils for the Plover meals (plates, silverware, napkins and cups). Jeff seconded. Motion passed. Jeff motion that we pay Larry $900.00 and any number over 100 we will pay $8.00 for adult and $5.00 for children under 10 years of age. Carl seconded. Motion passed. They will furnish meat, potatoes, beans, vegetable, bread, salad, dessert, coffee and tea. Larry brought picture of the Chuckwagon.

Carl made a motion to charge $12.00 for Adults and $6.00 for children 10 years of age and under. Jeff seconded. Motion passed. Leon Leonard will bring a 16x30 tent and they will set it up. Alliance will set up tables and chairs.

SIGNS: Carl has the plywood and some supplies. He will set up a workday to get it together probably the 1st week of April. Dan will check out the email from Donna Metcalf about billboards on the side of the roads.

Marc Hollenbaugh needs the legal description for the Nature Conservancy where the sign will be. The south sign will be on Carl and Cherry. Horse Creek Sales will furnish a bill to be sent to the tourism board.

FESTIVAL REPORT: Carl and Devin Seymour attended the Goose Festival in Lamar. Carl will be attending the Crane festival in Monte Vista this weekend.

DISPLAY BOARD: Works good. Carl needs brochures for the Crane Festival. Then Russell will need the board when Carl gets back.

PLOVER BROCHURES: Carl has ordered 500 more with Larra and asked her about the bill from the first ones. She has talked to Becky Thompson. We still need one on the website. Dan has an old one but don’t think it will work. Carl will talk to Becky and see about the bill and get the new brochures.

PLOVER FESTIVAL: Jeff has filled all the housing that he has so far. Pelster’s has 3 staying with them, Betty has some staying with her, Keith James has 1 staying with him, Jeff & Tammy, Carl & Cherry & Russell has people staying with them. Vicki Drietz has rented the Forder houses for her crew so they will stay there.

Jeff needs to check with Pat Hill and Betty Lee and he will hear from the Nazarene parsonage this weekend if it can be used.


Friday evening—Willing Workers-Ice Cream Social and Sandwiches. (Last year-39) at $5.00

Saturday Breakfast—Carl will talk to the store about doing a buffet of biscuits and gravy and Scrambled eggs (last year- 31).

Saturday noon—Friendship Circle-(last year-65) at $5.00

Saturday evening-Larry Leonard etc.—100+(He will fix for 150)

Sunday morning—Lions—(last year 28) at $5.00

Sunday noon—Alliance possible—(last year 60)

ENTERTAINMENT—(Program) Jeff made a motion for $500.00 maximum for entertainment for Saturday evening. Cost will include everything, mileage, PA system and whatever they need they furnish. Carl seconded. Motion passed.

VENDOR BOOTHS: Charge $10.00 for a space

HISTORY: Dan will ask Betty Lee and Tammy will do something on the centennial.

COLORING BOOK: Tabled till later.

DOOR PRIZES: Dan. Carl will talk to DOW & RMBO

INVITATIONS TO STUDENTS: Dan will see if we need to do this.


TOUR SNACKS: Frances (Fruit, candy bars, juice, water, coffee, hot chocolate)

PORTA POTTY—Dan will talk to Steve

Sunscreen & Lip Balm—10 tubes of each should be enough.

INSURANCE: Carl will check on this and also see what the insurance would be for the Centennial Celebration Maybe they would give a discounts for both.

Nothing yet on the Small Steps Grant for the Photo contest. The lady said it looks good.

Frances asked if we had paid Larra for research on the sponsors for Plover Festival or Centennial. No one had heard. Carl will check with her.

Frances asked about the grant for the RV Park and where we were with that. Dan hasn’t finished up the grant yet but will get that done.

Dan & Jeff had attended the Governors Economic Development Plan Initiative meeting in Limon. Information about housing in Karval was found and Jeff will follow up on this and report later.

NEXT MEETING; APRIL 12, AT 7:00pm Meeting adjourned at 9:40pm

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