April 12, 2011

ATTENDEES: Carl and Cherry Stogsdill, Frances Maskus, Jodi Kerr, Dan Merewether, Jeff Thornton, Larry Pepper, Katie Zipperer, Sam and Jack Nelson, Vicky Seymour, Christy Stogsdill

The meeting was called to order at 7:20 pm.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Reports were handed out written by Sheri. No questions. Carl made the motion to file the Treasurer’s Report. Frances 2nd the motion. All was in favor.

Vicky Seymour has accepted the position as the Alliance new Treasurer. It was discussed the maybe family members should not be on the board together. Jeff made the motion to change the appointment of Devon Seymour on the board to Vicky and appoint Vicky as Treasurer. Dan 2nd the motion. Motion passed: 2 nays.

It was discussed that we need to get younger people involved and that is why Devon was voted on the board. It is not in the by-laws that family members cannot serve on the board at the same time. Jeff made a motion to re-appoint Devon to the board in the at-large position. Frances 2nd the motion. Motion passed: 1 nay.

The board now is: Dan – President, Carl - Vice-President, Vicky – Treasurer, Jodi - Secretary (Resigning next month), Devon, Jeff, and Russell - At-Large


BROCHURES: We did receive a bill for all the brochures we ordered in the amount of $1,160.93. In the past the tourism board has helped with this expense. Frances made the motion to apply for a tourism grant to see if they are willing to help again this year. Jeff 2nd the motion. All was in favor. Dan will fill out all the necessary grant paperwork and submit it to the tourism board.

SHIRTS: Update: Frances ordered the shirts as approved last meeting. The adult shirts will be tan with a maroon screen while the children will be grey. When she ordered them she was told that the prices are going up and if we want more we should order them soon.

PHOTO CONTEST: We were awarded a $1,000 grant to go towards cash awards for our photo contest during the plover festival. The Colorado Creative Industries did ask that we help them by publicizing this award. Jodi will write a short announcement and send it to the newspaper so that it can be in next week’s paper. We have enough ribbons from last year to present to the winners.

Frances has purchased a camera. Carl made a motion to reimburse Frances in the amount of $90.00 for the camera and $18.58 paper expense. Jeff 2nd the motion. All was in favor.

PORTA POTTY: Dan has not checked anything out but will take care of it. It was suggested that maybe we can get them on Friday for the RAW event at Russell’s.

INSURANCE: Carl is taking care of this.

DOOR PRIZES: It was suggested that we just use whatever is donated to us and then fill in the rest with some cash prizes.

BUSES: Dan will contact the school to work out the details. It was discussed that we will need two buses.

REGISTRATION/SET UP: The last registration count was 21 people. Someone will make up a list of everyone that has registered to have available at check in. For anyone willing to help set up they are asked to be at the community center at 4:00 Friday afternoon.

MEALS: It was discussed what to do with breakfast on Saturday morning. The café has never gotten back to what they are willing to do. Frances made the motion for the Alliance to prepare breakfast on Saturday morning. Jeff 2nd the motion. So now all the meals are covered. For all the groups doing the meals they need to plan for at least 65 people. The Alliance will furnish all the paper products and utensils.

Saturday morning breakfast: Jack will make the gravy. Carl will be in charge of the eggs. Cherry will make biscuits. If anyone is willing to help out they need to be at the community center at 430 am.

MAILINGS: Frances has made up announcements and schedules for the community with all the events and meals. Carl made a motion to send these to residents of Karval school district and Alliance members. Jeff 2nd the motion. All was in favor. Frances and Jodi will get them mailed out.

Other Business

CALENDARS: Katie presented that the cost of a calendar will be around $3.24 with shipping if we order 250 calendars. Jeff made a motion for Katie to proceed with ordering 250 calendars in time for the centennial with a maximum outlay cost of $1,200. Carl 2nd the motion. All was in favor.

Proposal for ad prices:

Black and White Ads $12.50 for a small square $25.00 Business Card Size

Spot Color Ads $25.00 for a small square $50.00 Business Card Size

Jeff made a motion for Katie to use the above proposed prices and offer black/white or color ads. Carl 2nd the motion. All was in favor.

Katie has set up an e-mail account for individuals to send updates/changes for the calendar. It is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thanks Katie for all your hard work in getting this project set up. She was also told that she needed to keep track of her personal expenses and the Alliance would see what they can do to help out.

CENTENNIAL: A security deposit needs to be made in order to keep the music group available for our centennial celebration. Jeff made a motion for the Alliance to pay for the Narrow Gauge deposit out of the grant money received by the tourism board. Jodi 2nd the motion. All was in favor.

SWIFT FOX DENS: If anyone knows where there are dens please let Carl know.

NEXT MEETING: April 26th at 700 pm

The meeting was dismissed at 8:55 pm.


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