ATTENDEES: Dan and Mary Merewether, Carl Stogsdill, Vicky Seymour, Jeff

Thornton, Scott and Katie Zipperer, and Frances Maskus.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10pm.

Katie read the minutes off the Lab Top computer. Mary made a motion to accept the minutes with the correction of the amount of the CD. Dan seconded. Carl asked if we shouldn’t wait till the next meeting and approved a written copy. Dan said it didn’t matter. Motion passed.


Dan gave Vicky the bank statement. Vicky reported $12,165.24 in the bank. She didn’t have all the Centennial report. We have received $1,080.02 for the RAW reimbursement. The cashed in amount for CD #73578 was $3,806.58 and CD # 73947 was $5,023.54. Treasurer’s report was accepted. Vicky said she would have it all broke down

(Centennial, Alliance, etc.) by the next meeting.

Dan asked if anyone else had received emails from Pat Vice on upcoming events.


Dan hadn’t talked to anyone. He will talk to Janet Kravig and Danielle Kravig and see if they would be interested. Dan asked Katie if she would be interested. She will consider it if no one else wants to do it. Frances took the minutes again.


Frances reported we need to order t shirts and 2 Polo Shirts that were paid and preordered at the Celebration. Decided to see what the minimum would be on t shirts and only order 2 Polo shirts. We will sell them at the fair and at Homecoming. Sheri has put the t shirts in the store on the website. Frances will talk to Richard Meier. Carl brought 4 Centennial cups to sell. We got mixed up on our order for Vicky Drietz.


Dan brought a list of members for Winifred. She will call people about meetings, etc. Carl will give her the list.


Vicky will get the expense and income report done soon. Mary had talked to Steve about his expenses and income. He said it was a wash. If we have extra money he would except a donation to the Alumni Scholarship fund. Katie presented a bill for supplies for $50.35 for the celebration. Mary made a motion to pay Katie. Carl seconded. Motion passed.

Frances asked it the school had been paid for copies. She had done 200 copies for $20.00 for invitations for the event. Vicky will check and see if there are other copies made. She will get the school paid.


Dan, Carl and Russell had received an invitation to a BBQ on July 23, 2011 at 6:30pm at the Brett Gray Ranch. Mari Ewing of Genoa is working for the Nature Conservancy and they are having scientists from around the state, with the help of local students, to do inventory of plants and animals on the Ranch. This will be July 22, and 23, 2011. Dan is notifying the RAW kids to see if they are interested. They need to notify Mari if they plan to attend.


We have a lot of Community Calendars. Mary took some to take to Circle and Katie took some. We might put some in the Store as well. They are $5.00 a piece and everyone that has an ad gets one free.


All the first order of 70 books was sold and Katie has sold approximately 45 more. Jeff made a motion to order 75 more books. Mary seconded. Motion passed. They will be sold at the fair and homecoming so we might have to order more. Katie will check on UPS for shipping the order here and she will talk to Dianne Clark to see if she is going to her folks.


After discussion Jeff made a motion to start a process of transferring the lot that the Community Building sets on to the Karval Community Club. Carl seconded. Motion passed. Dan will talk to Hedlund Abstract about the cost. A Quit Claim Deed will be used.


A discussion was held about getting a GOCO Grant to put a good bathroom in the park. Some of the thought was that someone would have to be hired to clean and take care of it. Dan will gather cost and information for the grant.

Discussion was held on keeping the web site updated. Sheri is doing a good job with the store but the rest isn’t keeping up. This needs to be in the Secretaries job description.

Dan was wondering if the Alliance could be a go thru for information on Wind Towers, Tree Trimmers or some other kind of service for the Community. Need to check this out and see what the Alliance could do.

Frances gave a report on Care and Share. They will quit delivering after the September delivery. Care and Share are putting more into Crowley County and San Louis Valley. This affects Cheyenne County, Hugo and Us. If we would continue we would purchase a product, pay 4cents a pound for delivery and the produce, bread and pastries would be free. We have around 60 to 65 families (1 to 3 people) and 25 families (4 or more) around the Karval area getting food now. This has helped several families around Karval with their food bill. Carl is checking to see if there are Grants we could get to help out. Feelings were that we can’t afford $300.00 to $600.00 a month to keep it going. We are checking with all the clubs, churches and organizations around to see if there is enough money to keep this going until we get a grant. Mary asked if we can get the free stuff without ordering and Dan wants to know how long is a contract (application) good for.

Next Meeting: AUGUST 23, 2011 at 7:00pm.

Adjourned at 9:15pm


Frances Maskus


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