ATTENDEES: Betty Bailey, Dan Merewether, Frances Maskus, Jack and Sam Nelson, Winifred Pepper, Vicky Seymour, Carl and Cherry Stogsdill, and Katie Zipperer.

The meeting called to order by President Dan at 7:12 pm. July minutes were reviewed and approved. Carl moved to approve and Sam 2nd. Minutes were approved.

SECRETARY: Cherry nominated Katie for the board and to fill the secretary position. Frances 2nd. Motion approved. The secretary’s duties were discussed. Keeping the website current is the most pressing duty. A more detailed list is needed.

CALENDAR: Calendars are not selling well. Will we do another in January? Is it on the online store? Discussion is still open.

KARVAL BOOK: The Alliance will sponsor a second edition of book. Estimated pub date Homecoming 2012. Requests for submissions and information will be done at homecoming, October 1st. Submissions are due June 1, 2012. Katie will again edit.

CONSERVATION EASEMENT: We have received the payment for the lunch for Conservation Easement. Carl needs to turn in bill. Osborne’s cost was $7—we charged $12. Mark James for Ansley Family and Sid Yoder reported how they were getting along the Nature Conservancy. Several others attended. Carl said in was very informational.

SGPP: Dan is trying to schedule the Short Grass Prairie Partnership to be here for next meeting. A Heritage area may be a good option. Dan (Alliance) has been asked to write a letter for GOCO for funding SGPP.

V. DREITZ: Dan reported on the Dinner with Vicky Dreitz. A building for scientists to use for research in this area was suggested. The main concern is who would be responsible for the building. Vicky will be involved in project in this area for another year. Carl hosted the “good-bye” dinner.

LAND: Land on which the Community Building Sits to Karval Community Club. Penny @ Hedlund Abstract will draw up the contract. We own the block. Carl reported there is a metal stakes marking the corner of each lot. Penny was concerned we would have to get a development permit to give them a lot. Most activities are contained on one lot. The parking, new septic system would extend to other lots to the west. The propane tank is on the lot. Since surveying was done using those stakes would be the best option. Would the Alliance give 142’ or 150’with the alley? Dan talked to Vernon Stone(KCC), he was concerned about having to pay property taxes. Dan will take the issue to the Assessor. Frances moved to give them land in the easy possible manner. Carl 2nd. Carl believes full ownership of the building and land by one entity would be simpler and cleaner. Motion was approved. Dan will pursue the issue.

BROCHURE: Discussion included how useful are the brochures and will the tourism board fund them and the band for the plover festival. Katie is going to see about updating. She will contact Lara Atwater about the file and printing. Frances motioned to have Katie bring brochure to next meeting. Sam 2nd. Motion approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Vicky submitted. PC Mars is now the accounting program being used.

Current balance $12,390.47.

Centennial money income; books: $2,169.85 donations: $2,881.00

Expenses Books: $3071.24 other: $2,565.09 We have not received reimbursement for the band 2000, but expect it at any time.

Vicky requested an inventory of t-shirts and such so she can get a better total of the Alliance financials.

Mother board went out on the Treasurer’s computer. Received $150 back on the old computer. Carl purchased another for $300. France motioned to pay Carl for the laptop. Sam 2nd. Motion passed.

COMMODITY: Frances reported Care n’ Share may possibly be sponsored by Lincoln County Social Services or Karen Kovar the Hugo coordinator will be willing to help keep it going one way or another.

BATHROOM: Bathroom for the park and RV area is being discussed. Karval Community Club would have to approve for the one in the Kravig Park. Rachel Vermillion said lots of grants are available for these kinds of projects especially for RV park restroom and shower. Project needs to get off the ground. Dan is going to get more detailed information on grants and getting the project(s) started.

CENTENNIAL: Thanks you are being sent to Centennial donors. And a thank you published in the Paper.

OTHER: Sam brought up safety issues and vandalism at the building across from the community building.

4th of July Committee is not going to do another year. Are we going to take over?

Next meeting: September 13, 2011, 7pm

Sam motioned to adjourn. Betty 2nd. Meeting adjourned at 9:15pm.

Submitted by Katie Zipperer


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