ATTENDEES: Guest William Burnidge, Sam and Jack Nelson, Jeff Thornton, Russell Davis, Carl and Cherry Stogsdill, Winifred Pepper, Dan Merewether, Katie Zipperer.

Meeting called to order at 7:15pm

The minutes and were reviewed. Carl motion, Jeff 2nd, approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Jeff wants more time to review. Jeff moved to file report, Russell 2nd. $2000 for Centennial band has not been received. Motion to file passed.

BROCHURES: Katie brought a proof of the 2012 Plover Festival brochure. Jeff moved to order 1500 brochures be ordered from TD Works and apply to the tourism board for cost. Carl 2nd. Russell wants to personally invite the Endanger Species—Fish and Wildlife. Discussion included whether any other advertisement needed and the distribution of brochures—mailing autobahn societies. Ordering of brochures approved.

SPEAKER: William Burnidge

Mr. Burnidge spoke about the Three Rivers Alliance it was created in 2008 for Republican River Basin in order to support positive projects for the conservation and environment, education on these matters, and their assets to the community.

He also spoke on the Shortgrass Prairie Partnership, including heritage areas, RAW, low cost financing for beginning ranchers, grass banking projects.

Dan brought up that the Partnership could help with liability and legal issues for landowners for RAW and events sponsored by the Alliance. Liability waver and signage on the properties, and safety talk at the beginning of each tour or event have been suggested by an attorney Russell has been talking to.

RAW most important continuing financial need is the bus, bus driver, and fuel costs to the school.

PLOVER FESTIVAL: Brett-Grey Ranch possible half-day tour for Plover Festival, Mr. Burnidge thought that this could be arranged.

LAND: Renata at the courthouse said that KCC would have to pay taxes estimated to be $25. This information has not been shared with the KCC. Dan will try to approach this at their Oct. meeting.

OLD SCHOOL: Dorman brothers—Dan and Carl have been looking into having the Alliance do the tear down. County could use the cement for back fill. Steve Bailey could use some of the debris for a cut fill. A permit to tear down is required. Abestos is most likely in the ceiling tile. It will cost about $900 to test for asbestos. Discussion: The lumber in the roof is valuable. Can we salvage the lumber to pay for the demolition? County involve since it an old school? Are there grants that could help? Brownfield redevelopment might be a possibility. Insurance to cover damage other property would cost 750 to 1000. Workers could be covered through Dorman Brothers as subcontractors.

Sam motioned to get the needed inspection. Carl 2nd. Cherry added to get Dorman Brothers written permission to do testing. Carl with check with Shaun Leonard to see what his plans were and talk to Mike Dorman for permission. Results of the testing will determine what action will be taken next. Motion passed.

RV PARK: Septic systems for the Karval Park and RV Park will cost about the same. Dan will be more aggressive in pursuing designs for the restrooms, cost estimates, and funding. He delayed until to finish the audit and get a full board of officers.

CENTENNIAL: KCC will be paid $220 for Centennial Meetings and Celebration. Cherry motioned. Jeff 2nd. Approved.

Air Conditioner purchased for Community. Motioned tabled to fund until next meeting.

No RAW meeting has been scheduled yet.

Next Meeting: October 11th, 2011

Adjourned 9:05pm



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