Antendees: Lewis and Kathy Martin (Brett-Grey Ranch), Jack Nelson, Frances Maskus, Katie and Scott Zipperer, Donnie Harris, Carl and Cherry Stogsdill, Winifred Pepper , Dan Merewether, Vicky Seymour, Sheri Logan

Meeting called to order at 7:22 pm

Cherry moved to accept minutes, Carl 2nd. Motion passed.

Dan received and signed for RAW monies of $1520 direct deposit. Katie Fitzgerald intends this federal money for two years support of RAW.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Submitted by Vicky. Carl motioned to file treasurer’s report, Jack 2nd. No money has been received from the tourism board. Centennial Monies are now into categories and easily accessed. Motion to file approved.

FOOD PANTRY: Sheri Logan—had been supported by Care N’ Share. Kit Carson and Lincoln Counties have been requested to provide funding. Care N’ Share is going to provide a stipend for the Oct. Nov. Dec. Sheri and Frances are in the process of getting funding from the county social services. This is through the Alliance because we are the current sponsor. The Nazarene Church is allowing space for storage. A class for food handling is required to continue. Alliance is requested to approve Sheri Logan and Diane Clark as coordinators. 85-95 families a month in our community are being served. Frances and Sheri have been going to several meetings and training. They would like to be reimbursed for their expenses. The Alliance will pay up front for the food and be reimbursed for it from the county is believed to be the way it will be set up. Carl motioned to pay for their training lunch, Katie 2nd. Motioned passed. Cherry motioned for Sheri Logan and Diane Clark be named as coordinators of the food pantry program, Katie 2nd. Motion passed. Dan reminded them to keep track of meal receipts and mileage. Sheri will keep us updated on the food pantry status.

BROCHURE: 1500 have been ordered and should be printed within the next week and a half. Once we received invoice we will submit for reimbursement from tourism board.

OLD SCHOOL: 11 samples were taken—no asbestos was found. Carl moved to pay ESA $780.00 for Old School building testing, Jack 2nd. Motion passed. Demolition permit is $50 and $5 per 1000 sq ft. Estimated cost of $80. Carl moved to obtain a demolition permit for the old school, Katie 2nd. Dan will purchase permit. Motion passed. Carl asked county about removal of debris. The county can use the concrete and adobe. Some materials from the demolition will be salvaged to cover cost of demolition. Dan has found we can get prorated worker’s comp insurance to cover laborers. $600 is the yearly rate. Carl found that salvaged 2x12s are.60 linear foot. .10 board foot for 1x boards. Donnie said that Tony Sorenson would allow use of his bucket truck for demolition of roof if needed. Carl suggested paying laborer $10/hour. Windows and their trim from old gym are requested to be sold for souvenirs. Frances motioned to pay laborer’s $10 for demolish and clean up the old school. Carl 2nd. Carl believes this will be good for the community and show that we are moving forward with our projects. Motion passed. Frances motioned to have Dan and Carl as a committee to advertise, hire workers and monitor demolition. Winifred 2nd. Motion passed.

SPP MEETING: Dan reported he attended the meeting. They are working on grants to promote their projects.

Secretary Duties: Katie had a few questions on when some of her duties were to be completed and if there was an alliance email.

Halloween Carnival: Cherry motioned to pay $50 to KCC instead of a booth. Frances 2nd. Motioned passed.

Kathy Martin suggested a “paint out” in conjunction with the plover festival and then sell the work. She would be willing to help research how to put it on. A paint out brings a group of artists out to paint, be judged and have a sale.

Carl motioned to order 25 more 1st edition history books. Frances 2nd. Motion passed.

Nov 8th next meeting

Adjourned at 9:07 pm

Submitted by Katie Zipperer


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