Karval Community Alliance Meeting Minutes November 8, 2011

ATTENDEES: Russell Davis, Lewis and Kathy Martin, Frances Maskus, Dan Merewether, Winifred Pepper, Jeff Thornton, Vicky Seymour , Cherry Stogsdill, Katie Zipperer

Meeting called to order at 7:06 pm

Jeff moved to file minutes as presented. Vicky 2nd. Motioned passed.

Jeff motioned to file treasurer’s report. Dan 2nd. Motion approved. Centennial concert reimbursement from tourism board was received.

BROCHURE: 1500 have been ordered.

OLD SCHOOL BUILDING: Dan applied for a demolition permit. Since no asbestos was found demolition was started. Dan submitted a report for labor, tools, and salvaged materials. Dan is in negotiations with Steve Bailey on metal scraping. A tractor is now needed to help in the remainder of demolition. Next step is to determine details of selling salvaged materials. Sealed bids or waiting until the June Lions Sale to sell the materials. Jeff did research on price of salvaged lumber. Advertising for sealed bids at Miles Saver, emails to alliance members, sale bills, and website. Frances motioned to sell the materials by sealed bid and advertise as written above and open bids at a January meeting. Russell amended to have bids on whole or parts of materials. Jeff seconded Frances motion with Russell’s amended. Motioned approved.

ON-LINE STORE: Sherri Logan has been charged for the online store upkeep. Jeff motioned to keep online store and reimburse Sherri. Cherry 2nd. Credit cards for plover registration are taken through this online store. Motion approved.

BRETT GRAY RANCH: Kathy Martin told about the BIOBLITZ held by the Nature Conservancy on the Brett Gray Ranch. Houses on the property are in need of some repair, but could be used for housing for plover festival or hosting RAW events and similar. Is the Alliance interested in helping getting these buildings back good habitual. Dan suggested the minimum the alliance could do was to write a letter to support a grant. Jeff is willing to go and look at the houses and sit down with the Martins and what needs done. Talking with William Burnidge it is believed that the state and other monies would be available to fund the project.

TOURISM BOARD: Tim Anderson said that the tourism board has lots of money. He suggested sending the whole plover festival bills. He thought they would at least cover a portion of it.

INSURANCE: Should the alliance purchase error and omissions insurance to protect the council. Is a bond needed for the treasurers’ position? This insurance could include event insurance. Jeff suggested having Tim Anderson drawing up a contract with quotes for review. Dan will get more information and see if Tim will come down and meet with the alliance.

PLOVER FESTIVAL: France wants to buy the snacks from the Junior to provide on the tours. Jeff motioned to buy $200 of snacks from the Juniors. Russell 2nd. Approved. Kathy brought some sample ideas for the “paint out.” Weather might be an issue. Kathy and Katie will be a committee and present a more detailed plan at the next meeting.

RAW: Jeff is interested in copyrighting the RAW program. Mark Carlings needs to be contacted as the much of the program was his idea. Katie Dietz needs to be a part of this project. Karval could be identified with this program, but we don’t want to discourage others from the program. If it would eventually become curriculum it will have to be copyrighted. Discussion will continue with Mark and Katie Dietz.

March 29th, April 5th, April 19th, April 20th RAW dates that have been scheduled. Rachel Vermillion and Aaron Kravig are in charge of RAW at the school.

SCHOOL BUS: The school is selling a bus. Is the Alliance interested? Insurance, tags, and keeping the bus are issues. Jeff motioned to have the board of director investigate buying the bus. Cherry 2nd. Motion approved.

WINDTOWER: 175’ 50K windtower a possibility for the alliance lot. Jeff will get more information.

LETTER: Gene Albright Colorado Raptor Education sent a letter of interest for the plover festival. Dan will request more information. Warren Cummings with DOW will be consulted on their validity.

Next Meeting: December 13th, 2011 7:00 Meeting adjourned at 9:26 pm Submitted by Katie Zipperer


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