ATTENDEES: Russell Davis, Frances Maskus, Dan Merewether, Jack and Sam Nelson, Winifred Pepper, Jeff Thornton, Vicky Seymour, Carl and Cherry Stogsdill, Scott and Katie Zipperer

Meeting called to order at 7:15 pm

Jeff moved to filed with corrections—should be Katie Fitzgerald under the RAW Section. Carl 2nd. Approved

Jeff motioned to accept treasurer's report as presented. Carl 2nd. Approved.

BROCHURES: They are done. Katie will pick them up Thursday.

CENTENNIAL BOOKS: 50 more have been received. 16 have been sold. Katie will seek to add them to the online store.

ART COMMITTEE: Cathy Martin and Katie are still working on details.

OLD SCHOOL: Salvage is complete. The walls still need to be knocked down. Dorman Brothers are going to start surveying the property, but will not be building until Spring. Carl motioned to pay the laborers.. Jeff 2nd with the addition to pay tool expenses as well. Motion approved. Carl suggested that if we make any money selling the salvage we considered compensating Dan for all the work and time he put in.

BUS COMMITTEE: They decided it was more cost effective to continue to rent buses from the school than to purchase our own.

INSURANCE: Dan continued to talk with Tim Anderson about insurance for the alliance. Tim was unable to make this meeting to talk with the group.

CHRISTMAS TREATS: Friendship Circle is asking for donations for the Christmas treats given to the kids at the school Christmas concert. Frances suggested that the Alliance. She motioned to donate $55. Russell 2nd. Motion passed.

ANNUAL MEETING: Recommended changes to By-laws to suggest a stipend to the officers (secretary and treasurer). Notification of the annual meeting will be sent with changes to by-laws to be included. Jeff motioned to have the regular meeting on January 10th, and the Annual meeting January 31st. Carl 2nd. Motioned passed.

OTHER BUSINESS: Ken Morgan was present with a Scottish Broadsword from the Three Rivers Alliance and the Karval Community Alliance. At the Annual Farm Bureau meeting he was awarded the Friend of Agriculture. Jeff, Dan, and Carl mentioned how much he has done for our community, beginning 15 years ago when help the farmers by alerting them to the potential issue with Mountain Plover. Jeff motioned to pay for half the sword. Carl 2nd. Russell will find out who to pay. Motion was approved.

BOARD MEMBERS: Three board positions are open. Please submit your nominations. Voting will be at the annual meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:34 pm



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