Meeting called to order 7:11 pm

ANTENDEES: Tim Anderson (guest), Russell Davis, Sheri Logan, Cathy and Lewis Martin, Frances Maskus, Dan Merewether, Jack and Sam Nelson, Winifred Pepper, Vicky Seymour, Carl and Cherry Stogsdill, Jeff Thornton, Katie and Scott Zipperer

T-shirt business and Plover festival added to agenda. Jeff motioned, Carl 2nd. Approved. Minutes Read: Jeff motioned to approve, Frances 2nd. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Still short on the Calendar funds. Centennial fund is now to the positive. Jeff motioned to file report as submitted. Sam 2nd. Approved.

Guess presenter, Tim Anderson: He feels we need Directors and Officers insurance; this would be so that the individuals elected to the board would have more protection. A second insurance of general liability which can be combined with the event insurance for roughly the same price is Tim’s second recommendation. The concern of the liability of the landowners during the RAW programs also was discussed. Adding the Davis Ranch or any landowner visited as an additional insured for the Alliance, put up signage at the ranch, and have a separate liability waiver are suggested to be the best courses of action.

Food Pantry: Sherri Logan updated the status of the food pantry. The county wants donations and to do bake sales to fund the food pantry. Sherri doesn’t think this will work. Our volunteers do not have the time to pursue other avenues of funding. Writing grants and putting on bakes sales take more effort and time than the current volunteers are willing to do. They currently have funding for 4 or 5 months. Diane Clark and Sherri Logan have been attending meetings with the commissioners and county social services. Sherri reports 80-90 families are served each month. Sherri’s suggests waiting 2 months and then deciding how to handle the possible closure of the food pantry.

Printing Press: A 5 color screen printing color may be able to be donated to the alliance. The alliance is interested but more definite plans are needed. Discussion table until more is known.

Brochure: Carl is getting the list of where to send brochures from Lara Atwater. He has mailed some to Vicky Dietz.

Colorado Raptors: Asking $300 to bring out four birds and a presentation at the Plover Festival. Dan is getting more information.

Centennial Books: 30 books are left. Katie will send out a press release stating we have so many left and call for submissions.

Paint Out: Cathy Lewis presented more detailed ideas on the Paint Out coinciding with the Plover Festival. Where can they paint, what time frame to do work, what fee to charge, and how to judge and award prizes. Once information is finalized Cathy will promote it and Katie will get it on the website.

Old School Building: Building is down and Dorman Brothers were notified by letter. Bids were opened. 5 bids were opened. Jeff, Dan, and Vicky will review the bids and bring results to the annual meeting. Russell moved to have the above committee report. Frances 2nd. Motion passed.

Plover Festival: Advertising is delegated to Frances and Katie. Volunteers are needed to go to Greater Denver Audubon society and present on the Plover Festival. Carl will do Denver and Jeff will contact Colorado Springs and Pueblo. A tour of the houses/buildings on the Brett Grey ranch has not been done. Jeff, Carl, and Dan will work on that.

Broad sword: Russell needs to find out the amount to pay. This was approved at last meeting.

Annual Meeting: Jeff and Carl are going to come up with nominations for the open positions. Vicky and Katie as appointed officers also have to be voted upon. Vicky, Frances and Cathy are the committee in charge of the annual meeting.

Katie was approved to be reimbursed for filing the state report and sale bill printing.

Basketball Ad: Jeff motioned to place $15 ad in the Basketball program. Sam 2nd. Motioned approved. Deed: Status –Dan has not been able to talk with the Karval Community Club.

Hearing Aide: Sam is $350 short for a hearing aid. From other funding she is receiving she is required to ask for other sources of funding. Sam wanted us to be aware of why she was asking, but feels that the community has done much to support her and her family. Russell suggested a donation can at the annual meeting. Discussion is tabled for now.

Next Meeting: February 28th Meeting adjourned 9:50 pm

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