ATENDEES: Joseph Alexander, Charles & Ethel Brewer, Kenny & Cheryl Bridges, Betty Clark, Cody & Dianne Clark, Ray Cook, Russell Davis, Mark & Linda James, Debbie Kravig, Larry & Cindy Leonard, Sheri, Chet & Taelor Logan, Louis & Cathy Martin, Frances Maskus, Brenda Mayo, Dan, Mary & David Merewether, Chance Muelstein, Jack Nelson, Larry Pepper, Winifred Pepper, Katherine, Husband, Cadence & Jade Schroedl, Barry, Vicky, Devin & Dillon Seymour, David Seymour, Carl & Cherry Stogsdill, Doug & Connie Stone, Nelson & Sandy Taylor, Pat Vice, Melvin Wolf, Harold & Linda Yoder, and Scott, Katie & Zea Zipperer.

FFA Servers: Kaylee Fox, Trey James, Black Liangpha, Max Logan, Clay Mayo, Janna Pelster, Joe Pelster, Joe Savage, Chance Seymour, Chase Seymour, and Sponsors Aaron & Danielle Kravig.

Dan introduced the current board members.

Vicky gave a financial review and Frances did a rundown of the major projects done the previous year.

Sherri has a positive update on the Food Pantry, reporting that there are funds for a year.

CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION: Acknowledgment of the work of the committee members: Betty Bailey, Frances Maskus, Mary Merewether, Tammy Thornton and Katie Zipperer did for the success of the celebration.

OLD SCHOOL BUILDING: Demolition and sell of salvage materials done, with a little bit of lumber still left.

Mountain Plover Festival: Each attendee received this year's brochure. The festival will be held April 27th, 28th, and 28th.

BY-LAWS: Carl moved to change the by-laws to allow for a stipend for the secretary and treasurer's positions. Russell 2nd. The motion was passed unanimously.

ELECTION: Carl moved that Vicky and Katie be renewed for one year. Sandy 2nd. Motioned was approved. Carl nominated Dan, Russell, and Jack for 2 year terms. Winifred 2nd. Motioned approved.

Next regular meeting February 28th. Meeting adjourned.

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