ATENDEES: Patrick Leonard, Larry and Cindy Leonard , Frances Maskus, Dan Merewether, Winifred Pepper, Vicky Seymour, Cherry and Carl Stogsdill, and Scott and Katie Zipperer.

AGENDA: Dan presented an agenda for the meeting. Carl motioned to approved. Frances 2nd. Approved.

MINUTES: Minutes for the last meeting February 28th were submitted by Frances. Carl motioned to accept. Katie 2nd. Approved.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Vicky noted that she had received a check back from Pinnacle insurance for the prorated worker's compensation. Frances mentioned a correction for a centennial book. Carl motioned to file treasurer's report with correction. Frances 2nd. Approved.

PRESIDENT'S REPORT: Hugo Improvement Project (HIP) would like to join our email list. Dan will continue communications with them. Dan wanted a 2011 list of birds that were seen at the last plover festival. Frances had one. A discussion of an alliance credit card was held. It was decided that more information about paypal and the online store was needed. Information for next year's festival to Eastern Colorado Events brochure was requested. Dan has given them the dates.

BROCHURE: A bill is needed for the Festival brochures. Katie will contact Becky Thompson to see about the invoice.

BY-LAWS: Dan submitted proposed changes. Frances motioned to have directors decide if changes to the by-laws are needed. Scott 2nd. Approved. Vicky motioned to table stipends until after the plover festival. Carl 2nd. Approved.

AD: Booster club at the school needs paid for ad in basketball program. Vicky will reissue a check for this.

PLOVER FESTIVAL COMMITTEES: Tours: Jeff, Carl, and Russell Transportation: Busses—Dan Meals: Carl motioned for servers besides the chuck wagon to be paid $6 a plate. We will provide all paper goods. Scott 2nd. Approved. Larry has requested $11 a plate with guaranteed 100 plates for the chuck wagon dinner. For chuck wagon breakfast they will be paid $6 for registered guests and then the rest by donations. Frances 2nd. Dan wishes to amend the motion to include an 8 and under child's plate (different from adult) at $6. France 2nd. Amendment approved. Carl's motion approved.

Door Prizes: Saturday meeting—Dan Snacks for Tours: Frances Photo Contest: Dan-Small steps grant, Christy Stogsdill may help, Frances PA system: Dan Coloring Book: Katie History Booths: Sell book Katie Home Vendor booths: Frances Media/Publicity: Mail to members, local county members schedule Port-a-Potties: Dan $185 for the weekend Insurance: Dan Housing: Connie Stone Program/Entertainment: Vicky Paper Products: Cherry Art: Committee is at a standstill. Katie has not heard from Cathy. Some form of art will be done for the festival.

Next Meeting: April 3rd Committees need to report on plover festival progress.

Adjourned 9:12

Submitted by Katie Zipperer

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