ATENDEES: Russell Davis, Frances Maskus, Lewis and Cathy Martin, Brenden McCrayon, Dan
Merewether, Vicky Seymour, Cherry and Carl Stogsdill, Connie Stone, Jeff Thornton, and Scott and Katie Zipperer.

Meeting called to order at 7:07 pm

AGENDA: Agenda presented by Dan, Carl wanted to add leftover lumber. Carl moved to approved
agenda, Russell 2nd. Motioned approved.

MINUTES: Frances moved to approve the minutes from March 12th, Connie 2nd. Motioned approved. Frances motioned to approve the annual meeting as corrected, Carl 2nd. Motioned approved.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Dan has received 3 payments for plover registrations. Vicky said that brings the total to 5 paid registrants. RAW program has 3 presentations this month. Hugo Improvement Program (HIP) was sent email to keep communication open with them. Carl suggested passing their email on to the alliance membership to see if anyone else is interested. Website has been reformatted and updated with more current information. Dan works with Erik Hilton to get the membership and business directory updated. The 2011 bird list was added to the information available on the website. The alliance is getting a debit card in order to have a PayPal account to keep the online store open and able to have registration for the plover festival by credit card. Some of the leftover lumber sold to a high school student for a FFA project. Brett-Grey Ranch houses were surveyed as a possible resource for the Alliance functions such as the Plover Festival. William Burnidge would like to talk on the bus tours about the Nature Conservancy. Dan also suggested having people talk about the history of the area on the tours as well. William Burnidge also wanted another meeting about the Shortgrass Prairie Partnership. Dan has reserved the Community Building for June 5th for this purpose. The alliance will need to provide lunch.

Aaron Kravig wanted to come to discuss a guest from South Dakota at the FFA Banquet. The guest is going to be speaking about keeping kids in the community. They would like to request some monetary support from the alliance. A further discussion will be held when Aaron can attend the meeting.

WINDOW: A party is interested in the windows from the salvage. Carl is asking permission to sell them outside. Carl will negotiate the price with them. Carl would like to put a bid on the rest of the rough 2” lumber before the Lions Sale. This will be further discussed in May.


Art Committee: Cathy Martin thought the project was too big to get off the ground by herself this year. Dan thought that a simple coloring contest for the local school children would be a good idea for this year.

Tourism Application: Dan has written up what expenses could be reimbursed by the alliance.

Tours: Carl and Jeff say yes there will be tours. Brett-Gray Ranch and Davis Ranch are planned to be
among those visited. A box lunch at the Brett-Grey Ranch for Sunday might be possible.

Transportation: Dan has got two busses spoken for. Carl has committed tractors. Trailers with bales will be needed weather permitting.

Meals: All are spoken for except Sunday lunch. Alliance will take of it.

Door Prizes: Dan will ask John Koshack (DOW). Russell wanted to include something from the area.

Promotional Items: Alliance is hoping sell remaining items. Carl motioned to print 25 of 4 different
postcards. Frances 2nd. Tammy Thornton will design; cost is estimated at $.68 a piece. There will be a picture on one side and Logo with plover festival info on other side.

Snacks: Carl motioned to spend up to $250. Jeff 2nd. Approved. Frances has some purchased and will get drinks closer to the festival.

Photo Contest: “Other” category was added to the existing categories. Jeff motioned to accept the new category. Russell 2nd. Approved.

PA System: Dan believes that Anne Savage will be able to provide one as she is in charge of the
entertainers that are performing Saturday night.

Coloring Book: Katie is going to print a coloring book of 20 images. 25 copies will be printed to start with. Price will be determined by cost of printing.

History Booth: Katie will sell the Karval History Book and have a small display in the community building.

Vender Booths: Frances has had no interest shown from anyone.

Media/Publicity: High Plains Journal may come to festival. Dan will put an ad in the newspapers to the north and Jeff will try to get an ad in the newspapers to the south.

Port-a-Potty: Dan has arranged for them thru a company in Limon.

Insurance: Dan is working with Tim Anderson for event insurance. A liability waver will be used this year for registered participants.

Housing: Connie has everyone who is currently registered covered. 15 more are probably expected. RV hookups have been offered by a few local residents.

Program/Entertainment: The band we wanted was not available. There will be a raptor presentation,
guitar ensemble, and Joni James has a ten minute presentation.

Schedule: The following changes have been made: No vendors or flee market, no band, added raptor presentation, and Alliance lunch on Sunday.

Next Meeting: April 24 @ 7 pm

Adjourned 9:14 pm

Submitted by Katie Zipperer

Alliance Secretary

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