Annual Meeting January 22nd, 2013


Called to order 6:42pm


First door Prize set of 4 Karval Post cards went to Scott Zipperer for have the closest birthday to the meeting.


Dan reminded everyone to become member or renew their membership.


Vicky gave the year's treasurers report.


Dan reported that the proceed from lumber sales helped purchased the 71 passenger bus.


Karval Alliance has been recognized as a Enterprise Zone. This allows the cash donations to the alliance to receive a Colorado Tax Rebate.


Dianne Clark gave a report on Food Pantry. After January there is about $900 left. Donations are welcome, please designate them for the food pantry. Carl wanted to recognized the people who really keep it running, Dianne, Frances, Connie.


Plover festival is April 28-30. We have hired Danielle Descarlos for public relations. We have set a goal of 35 registrants. If you would be willing to host people please let us know. There is more talk of adding a Paint Out to the Plover Festival.


Wildlife Education Center is one of our projects in the works. Vicky Drietz proved through research that the Plover did not need to be on the endangered species list. This center would allow further research from her and open up to other research projects. The facility could be used for the RAW program and possibly others.


FFA is making 100 year signs for each end of town. Moneys from our centennial celebration are planned to be used to make a replica of the “Little White Church.”


France and Katie are working on a new book. We are specifically looking for 4H and Karval School.


Jeff Thornton, Carl Stogsdill, Vicky Seymour, and Katie Zipperer's terms were up. Jeff moved to vote all 4 back into their positions. There is still a vacancy on the board. If anyone is interested in filling this position please contact Dan Merewether.


Pat Vice's guest guessed the magic number and received a copy of the Karval Centennial Book as a door prize.


Doug and Connie Stone received $50 gift certificate to Pronghorn Country for have the nearest anniversary to this meeting date.


Next Meeting is February 12th.


Meeting adjourned. 7:15pm


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