Karval Communtiy Alliance
February 15, 2013
Meeting Minutes
Attendees: Dan Merewether, Carl and Cherry Stogsdill, Pat Vice, Vicky Seymour, Jeff Thornton,
Russel Davis, Jack Nelson, Janet Kravig, Frances Maskus, Scott and Katie Zipperer
Meeting called to order @ 7:03pm.
Minutes:Corrections: Sheri should be on the list of food pantry, not Connie. It was discussed that we
actually have 7 board members and thus no vacancy. Jeff moved to accept the minutes as corrected.
Jack 2nd. Passed.
Treasurer's Report: Vicky presented the report of income and expenses. Jeff motion to file the report as
given. Carl 2nd. Passed.
Website update: Katie requested and received login info to help Erik keep the website updated. The
store page needs to be paid so that we can put registration. Katie will be working as quickly as she can
to get the plover festival and store registration up to speed.
Calendar: Sales are going ok. Vicky reports that 4 ads still need to be paid for.
Annual Meeting: Dan says we should work on contacting current and former members to update their
membership. Frances and Vicky created membership packages and another for the community at large.
They are working to get them mailed. Frances suggested that we have these packages ready for the
annual meeting next year.
Bus Insurance: Dan has not transferred the title or purchased insurance yet. The school will keep the
second set of keys in case they need to move it.
Plover Festival Committees:
Tours: Jeff
Transportation: Carl
Food: Cherry will be checking with the various groups to verify they can do their meals as they did last
year. She will also get the paper goods.
Door Prizes: Carl to head up committee. Cathy Martin is making center pieces that can be used. John
Koshack may be able to provide some again.
Promotional Items: Are we going to order any more. We have a leather stamp. Shall we do something
with that? Having a silent auction? Frances moved to try the silent Auction. Jeff will head it up.
Bus: We now own. Frances will drive.
Snacks: Frances
Photo Contest: Frances will organize. Dan will look for grants.
Insurance: Dan will talk to Tim Anderson.
Jeff motioned to table the rest of the committees until next meeting. Carl 2nd. Passed.
Easter Egg Hunt: Janet Kravig is the organizer of the community Easter Egg Hunt. She has done this
for the past two years. She would like the Alliance to donate $25 for prizes. She had 16 kids last year.
Jeff moved to donate $50 for the Easter Egg Hunt. Frances 2nd. Passed. She said that some may used for
snacks since the cafe will be closed. When she advertises she will list us as sponsors.
Plover Festival: Frances reported that the Karval School will probably be having Prom on April 27th,
which is during the festival. We will talk with school before the meeting Tuesday to see if they could
change the date to Friday. Jeff had an inquiry from a Denver school about bringing about 30 for the
Plover if there would be a group rate. Frances thought we should charge them for meals. Jeff will
continue the conversation/negotiation with the school. Russel is going to discuss tourism grant with
Vernon Stone.
Wildlife Education Center: Pat Vice is no longer with Lincoln County Economic Development, but she
is willing to continue helping us with this process. We need to get the Nature Conservancy, the
Department of Wildlife and other possible partners in a meeting to see how they think the Center
should look like and how the foresee interacting with it. She said that all the contributions do not have
to be monetary, it can be time, buildings, equipment etc. Russell talked with David Seymour about use
of the school for some facet of partnership. Jeff Thornton has also talked with Jeff Werner about
possible use. Both were open to the idea of partnership of some sort. Carl brought up the fact that we
must have the landowners on board to continue this project and that the landowners are also the school
board. In light of this name it something to incorporate this aspect like “Ranching and Wildlife
Education Center”. The Lesser Prairie Chicken is also in danger of being listed. Russel says that we
must continue the research and to be vocal about what we are doing. The center could be also used to
educate landowners about if a species is listed how it will effect them.
If we cannot get all the potential agencies together, we should get a fact sheet and questionnaire that
everyone can get. Jeff made a motion to create the the fact sheet and questionnaire and meet with 10
agencies this first quarter. Carl 2nd. Jeff amended his motion to develop a fact sheet and questionnaire
for agencies about Ranching and Wildlife Center. Carl 2nd. Passed.
DOW: Warren Cummins with the DOW would like a forum to talk with landowners about any
concerns they may have. We may host him at our meetings.
Food Pantry: A college student is going to write grants for the food pantry. She will need all past info of
grants to prove that we did not have previous moneys for the food pantry. Diane is applying to the
MVEA “Roundup” grant. Jeff made a motion to allow them apply through us to MVEA for the food
pantry. Carl 2nd. Approved.
Secretary Computer: James Martin replaced the hard drive and reloaded Windows XP.
Lincoln County Tourism: Katie applied for and received a seat on their Post-N-Promote. She will now
be able to update the county calendar with our events and meetings.
Yearbook Ad: Katie got this set up with Denise, a half page for $40.
Pat had some interest about hydroponics. She wanted a volunteer to contact him. Jeff volunteered.
Next Meeting: March 14th, 2013 7pm
Meeting Adjourned 9:09pm

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