Karval Community Alliance
Meeting Minutes
March 14th, 2013
ATTENDEES: Russell Davis, Larry Leonard, Frances Maskus, Dan Merewether, Jack Nelson,
Vicky Seymour, Cherry Stogsdill, Carl Stogsdill, Frances and Pat Vice, Katie Zipperer.
Called to order 7:02pm
AGENDA: Chuck Wagon Dinner, Signs, water, Booster club and Calf-A added to the agenda.
Carl motioned for the agenda to be approved with additions. Frances 2nd. Approved.
MINTUES: Frances motioned to approve the minutes as written. Jack 2nd. Approved.
TREASURER'S REPORT: Vicky had a new form to breakdown the report into our different
projects and explained it. Carl made to a motion to file the treasurer's report. Katie 2nd.
FINANCIAL REPORT: Dan created a report to use for the Food Pantry Grant Applications and
also to be part of the grant to the Tourism Board. Russell had talked with Vernon Stone about the
amount allotted to us from the tourism board. Russell made the point that the Plover Festival is
one of the major tourism events in Lincoln County. As we were roughly $1200 from be even on
the last years' festival, Russell suggested that at least $2000 would be a more appropriate
amount. Katie pointed out that they provided us a seat on their PostnPromote--County Calendar.
PR DANIELLE: Katie Merewether was conscripted to do a radio interview that aired on 4 different
stations. Katie will also has TV appearance on Channel 9 on March 15th. On ourjourney.info
there is a small ad for the plover festival and a link to our webpage.
CHUCK WAGON DINNER: He will do the Saturday evening meal. It was settled to pay him
$12/plate with 100 plates guaranteed and $250 set up fee. Breakfast Sunday he will do for $250
with more for over 40 plates/$6. Frances motioned to approve the previous statements. Carl 2nd.
Approved. If Larry's group cannot do Sunday morning he is to let us know as soon as possible.
CALENDAR: There are a few ads still to be collected on. We still need about $200 more to break
even. This includes the ads still to be paid.
MEMBERSHIP: Frances and Vicky made packets for members and community members at
large. 13 additional members have paid since the annual meeting. Frances provided us with the
lists of past members and community members that were sent membership information.
WILDLIFE EDUCATON CENTER: Vicky Dreitz will be here for the Fesival. Russell suggested
getting some of the other groups we are hoping to partner with to the festival. Pat suggested to do
some one-on-ones if they come out and see want we are doing. After these one on ones--let
them know they will be getting a survey about their ideas for the Center. NRCS rep at Hugo and
Ordway and poss. the State NRCS rep. Pat suggested we invite Cory Gardner and Bennett.
These might become important contacts for later. Frances suggested that Pat be the one to the
invitations to the Federal level. She agreed to do that. Dan wants to focus on this project after the
Plover Festival.
FOOD PANTRY: Diane, Frances, and Dan got together and created the financial report and
grant. They asked for $5000 to continue the program. $1000 was received from LCHS.
PLOVER FESTIVAL: 8 confirmed registrations. The Historical Society has made inquires as to
bringing their group for a tour. The Farmers Union is also interested in hosting a kids craft during
the festival, to promote their summer camp. The Prom is going to be on Saturday Evening.
Insurance: Dan has talked with Tim about the festival and the bus.
PA System: Katie
Coloring Book/Coloring Contest: Katie-- New picture with invite for FB Craft booth
History: Katie and Cherry--pow wow with Jeff.
Vendors: Frances
Local Publicity: Katie
PortaPottys: Russell --getting some for RAW will see about for Festival with a mobile one Dan if
getting from Limon
Program: Raptors-Dan
CALF-A: It's closing March 22nd. We are wondering how we start a co-op.
Dorman Bro: Carl had a meeting with them. They are giving the fire dept 1 lot and the alliance 1
CENTENNIAL SIGNS: FFA has completed the Centennial Signs. They donated the metal, labor,
and chain. They are putting them up on Monday afternoon. Frances wants to have people there
to take pictures and get it in the paper. Carl moved to pay $425 out of the Centennial Moneys to
FFA for the signs. Jack 2nd. Approved.
WATER: The CWPDA is not allocating pumping for the Karval pumping station for the 2013/2014
season. They have applied to Hugo for 12 acre feet, but can't apply for it until April 1. Carl plans
on talking to John Reid about this. Dan called for a consensus to support the Karval Municipal
well. The Alliance will do what it is able in support.
PUBLICITY ITEMS: Frances contacted Linda James for ideas on using our logo stamp. Linda
gave us a list of possible items. We will discuss this at the next meeting.
AFTERPROM PARTY: The Booster Club is soliciting donations for the after prom party. Frances
motioned to donate $50. Vicky 2nd. Approved
Next Meeting: April 9th, 2013 7pm
Meeting Adjourned: 9:42 pm

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