APRIL 9, 2013
PRESENT: Carl Stogsdill, Vicky Seymour, Cherry Stogsdill, Connie Stone, Dan Merewether, Jeff
Thornton, Scott Zipperer, Jack Nelson and Frances Maskus.
Called to order at 7:10pm
Agenda: No Agenda
Minutes: Carl motioned to approve the minutes as written. Jack seconded. Approved
Treasurer’s Report: We have received a check from William Burnage for the dinner. Cherry moved to
file the Treasurer’s Report. Connie seconded. Approved.
Tourism Board: We have been allotted $2,000.00 for the Plover Festival. They want us to promote that
local go free on the Tours .
Registered Guests: We have 23 registered. The Historical Society will let us know as soon as they can
how many are coming. Frances will talk to Mr. Werner about using another bus if we need it.
RAW: William Burnage has budgeted money for it this year but will not next year. Dan will talk to
Rachel about expenses. RAW events are April 5th, 11th and 25th, 2013
Land Deed: Dan will present the Karval Community Club with the deed for the land that the
Community Building set on, Sat. evening of the Plover Festival.
Transportation: Carl suggested that we use the bus and that we do not need a trailer. We only used the
trailer last year because we had at Russell’s. Jeff agreed to work around not using a trailer this year.
Food: Friday evening: Willing Workers
Saturday AM: Alliance
Saturday noon: Friendship Circle
Saturday evening: Chuck Wagon—Larry Leonard & Crew
Sunday AM: Chuck Wagon—Larry Leonard & Crew
Sunday noon: C & C Catering ( Alliance )
Price for meals will be $6.00, Saturday evening is $12.00 with 12 & under $6.00. We will furnish
tableware, coffee, tea & water. Frances will get the water for it and the tours.
Insurance: Dan will talk to Tim Anderson and get insurance for the event & the bus. Also ask about
whether guests are covered at people homes.
Tours: Tentative schedule
Friday evening: Carl & Cherry
Saturday AM: Brett Gray Ranch
Saturday afternoon: Russell and Forder Ranch
Sunday AM: Lake , Dan Merewether and Sharp place.
Door Prizes: Carl has talked to John Koshak and he will bring some. Tammy has cards from the
Current Co., we have Birds from Sheri Logan, and a Belt Buckle from Linda. Jeff asked if Linda could
make 2 camera straps for us. Frances will ask her. Carl will get the tickets for the door prizes.
Promotional Items: We have Calendars, Post Cards, Coloring Book and Shirts.
Penny Machine: Connie asked if we wanted it again. Consensus was yes. Doug will check on it.
Bus: Dan will get the title and plates for it. Carl has ordered letters for the bus.
Photo Contest: Frances asked about the prize money. Same as last year except for the youth will get
$50.00 for Champion instead of a camera. Frances will get the ribbons or stickers. We will pay the
judges $50.00 plus their lunch.
PA System: Scott had talked to Alan Carr and we can use the Karval Fellowship system. Alan will help
set it up. There is also a system on the bus thru the radio.
Publicity: The Limon Leader wants someone for the neighbor of the Week. Jeff volunteered to do it. He
will call Will Bublitz tomorrow and get it scheduled. Seth Gallagher was on Ch. 7 on April 5 to
promote the festival.
Danielle is also putting the Festival in several papers.
History: Cherry is making up a booklet on the history of the Forder Place to hand out. Louis Martin
told about the History on the Brett Gray Ranch. Hopefully he will do that again.
Vendor Booths: Frances has asked people if they want to have one. She hasn’t heard yet. Alan Carr
would like to put out some Cowboy Bibles, Farmers Union not sure on their kids Craft thing. So will
wait and see.
Port A Potty: Russell was getting some for RAW. Dan will check with him.
Housing: Connie has places for people to stay so far. Only a couple left to find them a place if needed.
Entertainment: Dan will call the Raptor tomorrow and work a schedule out with them. We talked about
maybe having elementary kids perform like they did at Blue Cliff night. Will wait and see what the
Raptor do first.
Coloring Contest: Scott called Katie and she will get pictures to Dan tomorrow for it.
Post Office Box: Rent of $58.00 is due in May. Jeff motioned to pay it. Cherry seconded. Approved.
Dan reported the Lions will not ever have another auction. They made most of their money on the
meals and sometimes on the sale. They thought the second Sat in June was good. Carl motioned to do
one on Homecoming. Motion died. Will wait and see.
Carl reported he had talked to Farmer’s Union and they have a group to help with starting Co-Op’s. It
was decided to have an informal community meeting with a dinner, with a representative from Farmers
Union to come and see what can be done about a Café. We discussed purchasing the existing building
or getting a new one. We will set the date for a meeting at our May meeting.
Meetings: Discussed who’s job to notify people about meetings and when. It was suggested to have the
Secretary do this.
April 26th set up at 5:00pm.
Adjourned 9:00pm
Next meeting May 14, 2013 at 7:00pm.
Frances Maskus

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