May 14, 2013
Karval Communtiy Alliance
Monthly Meeting
Attendees: Russell Davis, Janet Kravig, Frances Maskus, Vickie Maxon, Dan
Merewether, Vicky Seymour, Carl Stogsdill, Jeff Thornton, Katie Zipperer.
Called to order 7:09 pm
Minutes: Russell moved to approve minutes as written. Carl 2nd. Passed.
Treasurer's Report: Vicky S. highlighted income and expenses from the Plover
Festival. She had two corrections for a rebate on the insurance and fuel for the
second bus. Russell moved to accept the Treasure's Report as presented. Katie
2nd. Approved. Russell noted that we need to keep the breakdown of Plover
income and expenses for the tourism grant for possible future application.
Lincoln County Economic Development: New representative--independent
contractor, Vickie Maxon. Currently the focus is an assessment of how life is now
and 2nd is how we would like to be. What is lacking will be the focus. Grant
writing seemed to be a common need. Vickie was impressed with how far and
how many projects the Alliance is involved with and has accomplished. She
invites calls for suggestions of what she can do to help us. She is working for the
economic development which is still being funded by the county but the goal is to
have it member funded.
She asked what Pat Vice had helped us with the most. Replies: Showed us who
possible partners--a link to resources. Helped form the alliance. Understood the
importance of what we were doing. Started facilitating the direction to take for the
Education Center. Time and Funding are our biggest obstacle in continuing with
the Education Center.
Community Easter Hunt: Janet came to give a summary and thank you for our
support. 15 kids. She found afternoon worked better. The $50 bought snacks and
$25 in cash prizes. A picture of all the participants and a thank you to us as
sponsor in the Limon Leader--May 9th issue.
Plover Festival: Surveys looked good. Free tours for the Alliance members may
become a problem in the future. Carl thought that maybe we should nix the
Sunday activities. Carl made motion to do away with Sunday. France 2nd.
Passed. Discussion of how we can schedule Sunday differently. Jeff brought a
proposal for a project director/ grant writer. Carl motioned to table the proposal
until next meeting. Russell also requested that we revisited the Sunday issue.
Website: Consensus is that we have to change/update website. A discussion with
Erik Hilton on hosting and ownership of And possible fees if he needs
to be compensated for his work. Seth Gallager will also be contacted as he
maybe a resource for website construction.
RMBO: Carl motion that we become Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory at the
$250 level. France Maskus 2nd. We discussed why that level. Passed
Brochure: Jeff motioned to print only 500 brochures. Carl 2nd. Passed. Vicky and
Katie suggested adding a basic schedule to the brochure. Katie is will to design
the brochure. Details will be discussed at next meeting as the brochures need to
be printed by the County Fair in August.
Housing: Dan wants a list of how many stayed and how many places are
available. Connie was unable to make the meeting. Jeff thought Connie said she
could find places for 20 more than she had this year.
Registration Deadline: Vicky suggested April 1st. Jeff thought no early than 7
days prior to event. The only exception is if we reach housing capacity. Early Bird
special or late registration fee. Jeff motioned to have registration deadline April
20 with a late registration fee of $25 after that until Sat. as long as there is
housing available. Carl 2nd. Passed.
Inventory: 12 Denim shirt 7 t-shirt and 6 youth t-shirt. T-shirts sold well. Metal hat
pins have been suggested. Maybe Linda's leather craft items might be something
to look at. Should we get a new style of T-shirt?
Bus Repairs: Jeff is going to check over the bus that we purchased.
Letter to Attendees: Dan has a draft written to ask for donations. He will email a
draft for our review.
Danielle Doscalos: Jeff motioned to hire Danielle for another year. Vicky 2nd.
Pat Vice: We discussed on hiring her to continue working on the Education
Center and other future projects. She has a lot of history with us. We are going to
ask her to put together a package of what she can do for the Education Center
project. Dan will contact her.
Food Pantry: We received the grant from the Mountain View. Diane will get the
check from them. This will keep it running for a
Book: We hope to go to printer in January 2014. We hope to gather information
at the 100 year Karval School Homecoming Celebration. Tammy will be asked to
gather 4-H information. Katie and Frances will work on Cemeteries and other
items missed. Dan is working on some school information.
Cafe: Lots of community support, but not financial now. Carl suggested to have
Farmer's Union people present what a co-op is and how it runs at a community
dinner. Jeff suggested June 25th to hold the meeting. Dan will set this up with
Farmer's Union. Put in papers 11th and 18th if the 25th is the final date. Carl/Jeff
motioned to have an alliance sponsored dinner pending finalizing the date of
June 25th with Farmer's Union. Passed.
Auction: Do we want to take over the Lions Club Auction. Homecoming is a
suggested date. Is it our turn to do the Homecoming lunch? Jeff thinks we
shouldn't take it on as we should focus on the education center, but could be a
possibility later.
Stipend: Carl and Cherry to pay a stipend to $200 of Vicky, Katie, and Frances
for services rendered. Passed.
Penny Machine: Connie did not want to have the responsibility of transporting it
next year. It was not very profitable to have here.
Next Meeting: June 11th, 2013 7 pm
Meeting Adjourned 9:52pm

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