JULY 9, 2013
ATTENDEES: Russell Davis, Jack Nelson, Jeff Thornton, Carl Stogsdill, Pat Vice, Cherry Stogsdill,
Called meeting to order at 7:00pm
In the absence of the secretary Dan asked Frances to take the minutes.
Agenda: Jeff motioned to approve the agenda with the addition of Lincoln County Mineral Rights to
new business, Dorman Brothers & CECAA to old business. Russell seconded. Motion passed.
Minutes: Jeff motion to approve the minutes with the correction to the proposal of the photo contest of
1st place $100.00, 2nd place $50.00 and 3rd place $25.00. Cherry seconded. Motion passed.
Treasurer’s Report: In the absence of the treasurer Cherry presented the report. Jeff motion to file the
report. Jack seconded. Motion passed.
Tourism Board: Dan went to the meeting and thanked them for their support. We still haven’t received
the $2,000.00 they said they would give us.
Danielle Dascalos sent an email for us to apply to the State Tourism Board for a grant. Aug. 8 is the
deadline and a 20% in kind. Everyone thought it was a good idea to do this. We need to be filling out
our In Kind sheets.
Wildlife Education Center : Pat reported she has been researching grants. Found 500 grants but 50 are
solid grants for what we need. There are 6 Wildlife Education Centers but she hasn’t gotten to check
them out yet. A grant for Operational funding thru the Anschultz Family Foundation looks real
promising for us. Deadline is Aug. 1 and we could ask for $1,500 to $2,000.00 After discussion,
Education Center needs to concentrate on Short Grass Prairie Education at the College level first with
support for the RAW Program coming later. Suggested Pat contact Vicky Dreitz and visit with her and
she could answer a lot of the questions.
Website: Dan needs to visit with Erik Hilton about th website.
Bus Repairs: No report
Letter to Attendees: Dan has addresses for those that registered thru pay pal. No one keep the addresses
off the checks before they were deposited so we will forget the letter for this year. Better system next
Food Pantry: Jeff motion to remove Sheri Logan (because she moved) and name Dianne Clark as the
Director of the Karval Food Pantry. Jack seconded. Motion passed.
Café: Cherry presented some ideas about the café. Carl made a motion to appoint a committee to
research ideas, to appoint Cherry head of the committee and to report back to the Alliance . Frances
seconded. Motion passed.
Project Director/Grant Writer: Carl motion to hire a project Director/Grant Writer. Jeff seconded.
Motion passed with 6 yes and 2 no. Jeff, Carl & Russell volunteered to form a committee to decide all
the details and report back at the next meeting
Calendars: Cherry reported Katie checked on flip calendars with different pictures each month. The
cost would be $7.27 each plus .10cents for each picture and a limit of 18 ad spaces. How many did we
sell? How many did we order? Carl motioned to table till next meeting. Jeff seconded. Motion passed.
Brochures: Katie can design them. She needs to know if the general schedule changed or keeping the
same? How many to order? Where to get them printed ? How much to spend? Jeff to get Katie a phone
number to contact where they had the postcards done and will decide at the August meeting.
Fire Department Letter/Dorman Brothers: Discussed a letter to the Fire Department. Carl said Penny, at
Hedland Abstract is getting the deeds done on the old school lots. One for the Fire Department and one
for the Alliance . Penny will mail them to Carl & he will mail them to Dorman Brothers. Then Carl will
delivered them The Fire Department will get 1 lot (50’) west of the fire house and we will have 2 lots.
We won’t send out the letter.
Colorado Common Grant Application: Dan said we need to get this done. He needs to get with Vicky
and get the information.
Lincoln County Mineral Rights: Jim Dascalos & Mike Kieler will have a meeting on July 15 @ 7:30.
Cherry asked if they could use the Alliance email addresses. Everyone thought that would be OK. After
discussion about being a Sponsor of the meetings it was the consensus that we would not sponsor the
meetings. Frances made a motion the Alliance pay the rent for the meetings. Carl seconded. Motion
Meeting Adjourned: 9:15pm
Next meeting: Aug. 13, 2013 @ 7:00pm
Frances Maskus

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