Karval Community Alliance

June 11, 2013



ATTENDEES: Russell Davis, Carl Stogsdill, Vicky Seymour, Cherry

                         Stogsdill, Jeff Thornton, Dan Merewether, Frances

                         Maskus, Pat Vice and Rebecca Carter


Meeting called to order at 7:10pm


In the absence of the Secretary Dan asked Frances to take the minutes.


Agenda: The Photo Contest and Post Cards were added to the agenda. Jeff made a motion to approve the agenda with the additions. Russell seconded. Motion passed.


Minutes:  The following changes were made to the May minutes: Carl motion to do away with Sunday didn’t pass. Food Pantry—this will keep it running for several months. Jeff motioned to accept the minutes with changes. Dan seconded.  Motion passed.


Treasurers Report: Vicky explained the treasurer’s report. All calendar ads are paid for. Jeff motioned to file the treasurers report. Russell seconded. Motion passed.  Vicky explained the online account. Dan told Vicky that he will need reports for 2012, for grants in the future.


Presidents Report: Dan had contacted Seth Gallagher about developing our website. Seth said he didn’t have the time. The lady that does the Snow Goose Website might be able to help. Pat also suggested James Martin in Genoa does this kind of work. Do we leave it as is or add another website? What did Katie find out from Erik Hilton? Jeff motioned to table till next meeting when Katie could give us a report.  Carl seconded. Motion passed.


 RAW:   Rachel Vermillion had sent William Burnidge a bill. Dan had talked to her but not about any of the money and where it should go. Discussed that it should go thru the Alliance and not the school. We are the bookkeepers for RAW. William said that he could only budget $1,000.00 for next year. Dan to talk to Rachel about the money going thru us.



Survey: Jeff & Tammy had emailed theirs back to Dan. Carl & Cherry had also with suggestions.


Colorado East Community Action Agency: Rebecca Carter, Executive Director has been with them for 5 years. The Agency is 30 years old and covers 4 counties. She wants everyone to know they are there to help Seniors and Low income families. They offer free tax service and help with Medicare plus a lot of other services.


Proposal from Pat Vice: Pat explained the proposal that she emailed to Dan. She wants it to be done by August not September. Dan asked what is Stakeholders. Pat said anyone that has ideas whether it is money or anything else that you can contribute are Stockholders. Russell will send her several contact information and also have Pat talk to Vicky Dreitz. Jeff said we have been at this idea long enough he motioned to accept Pat proposal. Russell seconded. Motion passed. We will pay Pat a $500.00 down payment tonight and the $500.00 for July and $500.00 for August. Payments will be made upon approval of the information that Pat presents to the board. Carl suggested that the proposal be in the minutes. See attached.


Plover Festival: Discussed dropping the Sunday day activities. Frances asked if we drop Sunday would we have to adjust the price?  Consensus was no still a good bargain. Russell proposed if we cut Sunday maybe Birder’s be on their own Sunday. Carl motioned to drop Sunday. Russell seconded. Motion passed. Frances motioned to leave Friday and Saturday schedule the same as last year. Jeff seconded. Motion passed.  Everyone to help set up on Thursday.


Letter to Attendees:

       Dan had emailed this to Carl & Cherry but he has not sent it out yet.


Photo Contest:

       Vicky proposed next year to have a limit of 1 photo per person. Prize money of $50.00, $25.00 and $10.00 and only 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places and allow $25.00 for expenses. Just something to think about especially if we don’t get grants for expenses next year.


Food Pantry:

        Dianne Clark had received the check for $5,000.00 from Mountain View Electric. We should put up Thank You signs at food pantry. Dianne has set up the sign in form to show who is on Mountain View service for future use.



Tourism Board:

        We have not received the check from them and Dan has not been to their meeting to get our check.



        Dan has contacted Bill Stevens with the Farm Bureau and he will send someone down to explain the CO-OP. After much discussion Jeff motion to table the June 25th meeting and dinner until a later time. Vicky seconded. Motion passed.


Project Director/Grant Writer proposal: Pat explained the 2% incentive pay is not included in Grants any more. Russell explained that we should state that $20,000.00 minimum in grants and pay $1,000 or 1,200.00 per year. Jeff made a motion to table till next meeting. Carl seconded. Motion passed. Rebecca Carter will email a job description that is for her job. Then we will know what to ask for and expect.


Post Cards: Frances asked about the postcards that Dan asked Jeff to give to the Senior Class when they went to Barnes and Nobles. Dan said all he knew that they

didn’t know how much to sell them for but he didn’t know if they sold them or not. Dan will ask David & see what they did. Jeff thought he gave them 6 sets.


Russell motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:10pm


Next meeting: July 9, 2013 at 7:00pm


Frances Maskus


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