Karval Community Alliance
Monthly Meeting
August 13, 2012
Attendees: Frances Maskus, Dan Merewether, Vicky Seymour, Cherry and Carl Stogsdill, Pat Vice, Scott and Katie Zipperer
Called to order at 7:16pm
Agenda: Added Calendars, Dorman Brothers, Brochures, and RAW to Old Business. Cherry motioned to approve agenda with additions, Frances 2nd. Passed.
Minutes: Cherry motioned to approved with spelling correction, Carl 2nd. Approved.
Treasurer's Report: Vicky reviewed the treasurer's report with the group. Dan will check on the monies from the tourism board. Carl moved to file the Treasurer's Report, Frances 2nd. Approved.
President's Report: Future contributions need to be funneled through ECCOG. This is to provide better documentation and credit.
Pat Vice: Presentation on Wildlife Education Center and Shortgrass Prairie Research--She is going to put together a disc of documents and contacts to provide information for fill out future grants. She also put together a list of possible financial resources/grant guide and demographics of the area. She did get several binders of this information and summary packets together for us.
Once the Education Center is up and running there will need to be a separate governing board for it. We need to keep that in mind. Other key points- Lodging Extended stays, Landowner cooperation for more research access at different times of the year, Staffing/volunteers, Safety, sustainability, versatility versus competition of established buildings, other uses--possibility of art/photography interest.
Market- Birding is high interest and money, would the center be dependent on drought or other natural obstacles, finding a sustainable source of income/use. Could there be self-tours, with signage--possible help with DOW and Fish and Wildlife.
Sustaining and promoting- This should be done in stages. Use what is established--ie Plover Festival, RAW (can we expand?) Then begin new projects or events. Camps for intence study for secondary students may be the next stage. College students doing field study would be another avenue. Other avenues could be agricultural heritage or painting/photography events. We should visit other Education Centers in operation. She suggested Evergreen Nature Center in Evergreen, CO or Great Plains Nature Center in Wichita, KS. Both of these groups started from scratch and by Coloradoans.
Financials-Estimates at this point because we have no grants or exact plans for the Education Center.
Website: Dan has not contacted Erik yet. He will try to get this done.
Bus Repair: No report.
Cafe: Cherry said she had no interest in it as a co-op.
Project Director/Grant Writer Proposal: Carl and Jeff made no progress on this. He will try to get this done.
RAW: Rachel Vermillion gave an expense account to Diane Baker and said to make an account for RAW. Diane gave to Frances to present it to the Alliance. We are the sponsors and pass-through account for RAW. We are wondering why the monies are being handled by the school. Dan wants to go talk to Mr. Werner to straighten this out. Frances is not sure if anyone at the school knows what is provided and materials that are used for the program. We need talk with the school and the current RAW sponsor.
Calendars: Carl motioned to order 100. Scott 2nd. Passed. Scott will do the ad sales and Katie will do the computer work.
Dorman Brothers: Carl has the deeds for the 3 lots. We need to get signatures to finalize the transfer. The fire district is getting one lot and we are receiving two. Carl will get the signatures from Dorman Brothers and then present the deed for the one lot to the fire district.
Brochures: We are going to add a generalized schedule. We want to order 500. Katie will send a mock up via email to the board for approval with a price list from a couple of printers.
Pat Vice Contract: Carl motioned to accept the report pay Pat Vice the last payment of her contract. France 2nd. Passed.
Next Meeting: September 10th, 2013
Adjourned at 8:58 pm

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