Karval Community Alliance
Monthly Meeting
September 10th, 2013
Attendees: Russell Davis, Dan Merewether, Jack Nelson, Carl and Cherry Stogsdill, Dan Merewether, Carol Tracey, Pat Vice, Katie Zipperer
Meeting Called to Order: 7:15pm
Agenda: Cherry motioned to approve with the addition of Danielle Descalos. Carl 2nd. Approved.
Minutes: Cherry noted that for the cafe there was no Community interest. Russell is also on the PD/GW committee. Jeff motioned to approve as corrected. Russell 2nd. Approved.
Treasurer's Report: Vicky was absent. So no report was given.
President's Report: Dan contacted Steve Beedy and got a $2000 check from the tourism board that we received for the Plover Festival. Dan talked with Katie Fitzgerald about RAW funds. She thought there was not a need for the Alliance to handle all funds. Russell asked about if future donations would be able to have a tax receipt if the funds went directly to the school. We still have RAW monies in our account. Russell asked how the school is handling RAW. Dan thinks it is an event account within the school. Jeff suggested we should discuss with Mr. Werner how the monies are be handled. Dan will talk with Mr. Werner and get more details to help make a decision. Russell wants to keep more control of monies within the Alliance and let the kids run the program as it was originally set up.
Emails: CCCALT Maggie Hannah is asking for what community events. The Bryan Flynn Band is interested in playing at the festival. What kind of program/entertainment do we want to have at the Festival?
Brochure: Katie noted that in the mock up she changed the ala carte prices to match the whole package. The group believed that was adequate. Jeff suggested making the font larger and changing the color. Carl made a motion to print 500 brochures at Xpress Printers. Jeff seconded. Approved. Katie goes to La Junta often she will get these printed soon.
Website: Dan has got a short email, but still needs more information from Erik. Katie will put more current information as it is available. Dan would like to have a separate website for the Festival~ mountainploverfestival.org
Bus Repair: Jeff checked the antifreeze, but has done nothing else. Carl and Jeff have been periodically starting it.
Project Director/Grant Writer: Proposal from the Committee: See attached. We would
like to keep in community. Dan wants to email/mail the Alliance Members first to see if any interest. Jeff motioned to add 3. Job entails an approximate 20 hours/month. Russell 2nd. Approved. Katie will email/mail the Job description ad to the Alliance Members. Jeff wondered if we should have a small expense account for travel for grant conventions, phone calls, mailings, etc.
Calendar: Katie is very close to submitting the final order. She is waiting on a few schedules and a picture file.
Dorman Brothers Property: Titles have been sent there for signatures, but have not been sent back.
Community Building Lot: They have a new president, Curtis Dutro who was not familiar with what was going on. Dan will try to go to their next meeting.
Medicare Enrollment: Carol is helping with Medicare enrollment and reenrollment. We suggested they contact the school as they would like to have internet access. They are also interested in bringing down tax assistance.
Pat Vice: She is still doing follow-up. She would like to finish up with some of the follow-up, but she needs an one page summary of our vision. Do we want her to write it and we send it or should she handle it? Pat will write up the summary and send it to us for approval before sending it to any perspective funders.
Boy Scouts: Dan wrote a draft of a letter to the regional director. He wants to know if we want him to pursue having a program for the boy scouts. Carl and Russell thought we should. Pat brought up that Ken Morgan was into Boy Scouts and would be a good contact.
Danielle Descalos: She is working for the County. She thought that most of the work she had done would be covered with her new job. Carl told her we would like to focus some more on the Colorado Springs media. Carl also told her that we would maybe still hire her for future projects. She reported that the ECCOG received two tourism grants, which we should be part of.
Next Meeting: Tuesday October 8th, 7pm
Adjourned: 8:49pm

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