Karval Community Alliance
Monthly Meeting
October 8th, 2013
Attendees: Frances Maskus, Dan Merewether, Jack Nelson, Vicky Seymour, Jeff Thornton, Vicky Seymour, Carl and Cherry Stogsdill, Pat Vice, Katie Zipperer
Called to Order: 7:09pm
Agenda: Jeff motioned to approved agenda as presented. Jack 2nd. Approved.
Minutes: Jeff moved to approve minutes as written. Jack 2nd. Jeff noticed he was not listed as attending. Jeff moved to approve with correcting his attendance. Jack 2nd. Approved.
Treasurer's Report: Vicky reviewed the state of accounts. Jeff motioned to file August and September reports as presented. Katie 2nd. Approved.
President's Report: Vicky Maxon emailed to let us know that the Lincoln County Tourism did not receive the Colorado Tourism Grant. He also shared some emails he received in interest of the Plover Festival.
RAW: Dan talked with Mr. Werner and Mrs. Baker about the RAW monies. Currently we have some monies and the school received $2000 from the Nature Conservancy, this is confusing. It was brought up that if the school closes what would happen to the monies and inventory. We feel we should ask to have control of the monies and a current inventory list as this is an Alliance program. Rachel Vermillion and Aaron Kravig are currently running the school side of the program.
Brochure: Done. Pat thought they looked really nice. The board is encouraged to take some and mail and deliver as many as they can.
Website: Dan has been unable to talk to Erik. No progress has been made.
Bus Repairs: Jeff has no additional report.
PD/GW: Jeff motioned to move to end of meeting. Jack 2nd. Approved.
Calendar: Katie presented a proof. Jeff motioned to print 100 as copy was presented. Jack 2nd. Approved.
Dorman Brothers Property: Carl received the signed deeds. Jeff asked if the measurements were correct. Carl said that Penny from the abstract company did the measurements. Carl will present the Fire District with their lot. Dan will write up a short news item to put in the paper. The fire district meeting is October 9th. Carl will get our deed filed.
Community Building Lot: Dan has not finished this.
Boy Scouts: Dan contacted Ken Morgan. He suggested that we talk to the Pikes Peak region boy scouts. Pikes Peak sent Dan a list of merit badges that are possible. Several would apply to our area. They are currently working on their 2014 calendar. Dan will try to work with them to see how we can partner. Jeff suggested we contact Len Stone to get more local information.
Pat Vice: Reported that Carol Tracey with the Medicare enrollment and reenrollment will take place on . If there is enough interest the will be more dates. Pat will email me information to forward to the alliance members. We would like to see if we can get this on the school weekly. Frances will ask about it and the electronic verision.
Halloween Carnival: Carl motioned to give the Karval Community Club $50 in lieu of a booth. Jeff 2nd. Approved.
Vicky Seymour: She announced that she will no long be treasurer. January will be her last meeting.
Annual Meeting: We will discuss dates for the annual meeting at the next regular meeting.
Project Director/ Grant Writer: Carl motioned to hire Pat Vice. Jeff 2nd. Discussion of whether she was a current Alliance member was held. She is a current member. Motioned approved. Dan will notify Pat. He will tell her that the position is for November 1, 2013 to October 31, 2014. Option to renew will be offered at the October 2014 meeting.
Information: There is talk of changing the use of Ray Cook's house to be office use. They are trying to start a museum on the property.
Next Meeting: Tuesday November 12, 7pm
Adjourned: 8:22pm

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