Karval Community Alliance
Monthly Meeting
November 12, 2013
Call to order: 7:03 pm
Attendees: Russell Davis, Frances Maskus, Dan Merewether, Jack Nelson, Vicky Seymour, Carl
and Cherry Stogsdill, Vernon Stone, Jeff Thornton, Pat Vice, Scott and Katie Zipperer
Agenda: Katie requested to add Poudre Learning Center. Cherry added promotional pens. Jeff
motioned to approve agenda with additions. Carl 2nd. Approved.
Minutes: Corrections 2 Vicky Seymours were in antecedence, Vicky will no "longer" be treasurer.
Jeff motioned to approve with corrections. Russel 2nd.
Treasurer's Report: Vicky gave the monthly treasurer's report. We have some income from
calendar ads. Russell motioned to approve the report. Jeff 2nd. Approved.
President's Report: A meeting about the Pat's position and how our projects will go forward was
held. Emails received--Dan has been in contact with Karen VonSalza with the Denver Audubon.
She had questions on what to do about Sunday-maybe visiting Brett-Grey Ranch. Susan
Plantas-- interest in attending the Plover Festival--a group from Minnesota. Danielle Dascalos
will be promoting the festival through the Tourism Board. She also sent an email with information
about the heritage and agritourism roadshow.
Program Director's report: Dan, Russel, and Pat had a meeting about her position. Her primary
focus is to find funding. She will be the logistics manager for the plover festival. She might work
on putting a welcome bag for registrants of the festival. She will be needing more formalized
budgets to go forward with some of the grants. She will be helping with annual reports as those
are also needed for the grants. She will look into adding different segments such as art to the
plover festival. Logistically we me have to look into using the school for the festival--this will be
determined by number of registrants.
RAW accounts: Dan has not followed up yet. Pat brought up the fact that those monies could be
used as matching funds.
Brochures: Dan will check with Danielle to see if the Tourism Board would like to distribute some.
Website: Dan talked with Erik about creating a new plover website. Erik will put together a quote
to do this. This would need to be updated a couple of times a year.
Calendar: They have been delivered. Katie will sell them at the home games this month. $5 a
piece. Vicky has received several payments for ads.
Dorman Brothers Property: Carl has filed our deed. He will attend the Fire district meeting
tomorrow. Dan wrote a news article about receiving the lots.
Community Building Lot: This has been successfully transferred to the Karval Community Club.
Boy Scouts: No progress.
Book: Suggested to be more focused on the school. Deadline for Submissions May 31st. Hope
to publish by Homecoming 2014. We will also try to get 4H information.
Other Business: Vernon told us about some promotional videos done by D. Wendal Attig called
DayTripsfromDenver. He thought we might like one done for the plover festival. Carl and Frances
presented receipts to be reimbursed.
Danielle Doscalos: We need clarification of her proposal. Dan would like to get her working before
the next meeting. Jeff made a motion to hire Danielle for Nov/Dec at a $500.00 limit. Carl 2nd.
Russell wanted to be sure that what the was in the proposal would be what was done for that
$500. Dan will get further information for January work.
Poudre Learning Center: Katie talked about the Poudre Learning Center in Greeley, Colorado.
She thought it would be a good place to visit and get come contacts in moving forward in our idea
for a education/research center.
Promotional Pens: Carl motioned to buy $125.00 worth of these pens including shipping. Jeff 2nd.
These can be given out at the annual meeting and to plover registrants. We will put Karval
Community Alliance Mountain Plover Festival and www.karval.org (arial) in assorted colors with
black ink. Passed.
Annual Meeting Date: Jeff motioned to hold the annual meeting on Jan 21st. Carl 2nd. passed.
Bring ideas on who do the catering for the next meeting.
Next Meeting: December 10th, 7pm
Adjourned: 9:34 pm

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