The Karval Community Alliance Board of Directors met with Karval Community members on 5-1-07.  Carl Stogsdill called the meeting to order.  Minutes of last meeting were approved as read.

Jeff gave treasurer's report - although it was not current - as others were turning in bills to him at this meeting.  When all the figures are in, he will mail board members a copy of his report.  Betty Bailey made a motion to pay the outstanding bills that had been turned in.  Melvin Wolf seconded the motion.  Letha Clark made a motion to amend the motion, by paying all bills that would come in, as we had not yet received the bill from the FFA for Saturday nights meal.  Motion carried.  Marty Adams made a motion that we pay Floyd Beard $50.00 plus a hat and large tee-shirt for providing the entertainment for Saturday night's chuckwagon.  Winifred Pepper seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

The Alliance received a check from Economic Development for rent for the Community Building.  This was given to the treasurer of the Community Building Board and that person will keep track of that money.

It was brought to our attention that Steve Bailey had donated the money for the porta potty's, ice and water for the Mountain Plover Festival.  Aloha and Melvin Wolf also donated water for the event.

Carl Stogsdill reported that the antelope hunt that was filmed "The Next Generation" will be shown on the Outdoor Channel on May 6th - approximate time 7:00 PM.

Carl also thanked the vendors for their participation.  Also for providing the door prizes along with Winifred Pepper.

The Denver Post had an article on the front page of their paper about Karval and our Mountain Plover Festival.  That was made possible by Ken Morgan.  He has really helped us in our endeavors.  And we want to thank him.

We also want to thank Erik Hilton and Kay Christie for all their hard work in getting information out to the public via our local papers.

Frances Maskus handed out the evaluations that were turned in at the festival.  I have attached a copy of those.  Overall comments were very good.

The various committees then gave their reports.

Russell thought it went real well.  Maybe a little long but overall thought it was very enjoyable for everyone.  Suggested that possibly we start a little earlier with the tours.  We still need to set a limit of 50 participants - this will create interest if there is a "waiting list."  Cherry Stogsdill commented that she enjoyed the dialog between Russell and the participants.

Jeff Thornton reported that the cost was a little more than anticipated but we wanted to support local businesses.  And they did sell very well at $12.00 each.

Everyone just did their jobs very well - and we didn't run out of food!

Need to do a little better.  Brochure needs more information and to be more specific.  Was also suggested that we probably need to be thinking about next year as early as September of this year.  It was also suggested that we let Alliance members go on the tours for free or half price.  Also was suggested that we plan a slide show that would run off and on during the day.

We also need to seriously consider RV hook-ups for next year.

This concluded our committee reports.

We also need to come up with a business plan for the restaurant.  Water hook-up charge and power, etc.

Carl Stogsdill then brought up the idea of the Alliance providing a canned pop machine that would be housed at the Community Building.  Frances Maskus volunteered to maintain the machine and make sure it was always full of pop.  And then we could pay the Community Building Board a set amount each month for allowing us to put it there.  The Community Building Board will be approached on this matter to see if it is a possibility.

Our next meeting will be May 22nd at 7:00 PM>  CSU will discuss some ideas about building a packing plant.

An extensive conversation ensued about some things the Alliance could do to promote itself.  Lots of ideas were discussed, but nothing concrete was implemented.

Meeting Adjourned

Respectfully submitted,

Letha Clark, Secretary

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