The Karval Community Alliance Board of Directors met with the community members on May 22, 2007.  Carl Stogsdill brought the meeting to order.

First on the agenda was Pat Vice.  She shared several job opportunities with members that would be available at Parker Ag.  She also told us that we had been awarded a grant from the Cooper Clark Foundation in the amount of $1500.00 to be used for the purchase of the land.  She also stated that Erik Hilton had been contracted to develop 7 web sites for Lincoln County.

Jon Scanga - Assistant Professor at CSU - Dept. of Animal Science, talked to us at some length about a packing/processing facility.  He explained a little bit about them.  There are several in the state and each is unique in itself.  Talked about differences with equipment, etc.  He then opened it up for questions and discussions.  We need a committee to work on any one interested in a facility and also look at investors.  The following volunteered to be on that committee:  Shari Logan, Vonnie Darling, Steve Bailey, Tammy and Jeff Thornton, with Jeff as Chairman of the committee.  We also could use FFA members and college grads to do a feasibility study and Pat Vice did say that there are grants available to pay for a feasibility study.  Study needs to encompass how many pigs, goats, beef, etc. How many ranches?  How many people?  What is waiting time now?  What would radius of interested people be?

The meeting was then turned over to our Chairman, Carl Stogsdill.

The minutes of the last meeting were approved as read.  Treasurer's report was given.  Jeff is to send a bill to Ken Morgan - DOW for the noon lunches on Saturday and Sunday for the Mountain Plover Festival.

Carl Stogsdill commented that the Nature Conservancy wants to join - what do we charge an organization.  According to the by-laws it is $500.00.  And we cannot change the by-laws until the annual meeting.

The pop machine is coming.  Carl will install an outside plug for it.

The restaurant part needs to develop a committee.  Need to do a study on water, power needs, equipment, etc.  The following volunteered to be on that committee:  Cherry Stogsdill, Betty Bailey, Aloha Wolf, Winifred Pepper and Rhea Vickers.  It was suggested that they talk to Wanda Harris and Alta Harris about getting a list together of what needs to be done - and in what sequence - to develop this into a real plan.

It was brought to our attention that if you are on a committee, you need to be a Community Alliance member.

A list of Alliance members has been made.  Jeff Thornton made a motion to post it at the Post Office and at the Community Building.  Aloha Wolf seconded.  Motion carried.

It was asked if we have a policy for membership.  Yes.  As soon as they pay members dues, they are members.  All renewals are due in January of each year.

The next meeting will be June 12, 2007 at 8:00 P.M.

Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Letha Clark, Secretary

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