Karval Alliance Minutes

March 9, 2010

Attendees: Dan Merewether, Cherry and Carl Stogsdill, Winifred Pepper, Betty Lee Bailey, Letha Clark, Steve Bailey, Russell Davis, Vernon Stone, Mags Carling

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 p.m.

The previous meeting’s minutes were accepted.

Treasurer’s Report

A new CD has not been purchased yet. There was some concern that we need fluid assets before the Plover Festival. Carl moved that we not purchase a CD until after the Plover Festival. Steve seconded. The motion passed.

The Alliance received money from the Farmer’s Union for time and mileage for those who attended meat packing plant meetings. It was determined that participants who are working under a grant need to be fully reimbursed in order to keep the paper trail clear. Those who are reimbursed may choose to donate some or all of the funds back to the Alliance at their discretion.


State and County Tourism Dollars

The Prairie Development Corporation is accepting grant applications to advertise events. One event will be chosen from each of four counties. Grant applications are due on March 19. We should probably wait until the Centennial Celebration next year to apply for these funds. That heavy advertising could be very useful at that time, but might overwhelm us for the Plover Festival.

Dan will write up a grant application to the Lincoln County Tourism Board to pay for the printing of Plover Festival brochures.

Karval Hats and Shirts Order

Mags moved that we order 20 t-shirts with 2-color screening ($200) and 30 denim shirts with a Centennial motif ($810). Carl seconded. The motion passed. Richard Meier will be the supplier. Meier Custom Embroidery, 48876 State Road 40/287, Limon, CO 80828 (719) 740-1610

Betty Lee moved that we put a plover logo on the t-shirt and a cow on the denim shirts. Letha seconded. The motion passed.

Mags will take a vote at the Plover Festival on which logo is everyone’s favorite for the Centennial Celebration. Cherry will e-mail the logos to Mags.


People have called in with questions about no steps, bringing a dog, and bringing their own food. It was decided that, if people want to bring their own food, they may receive a $50 discount each. One person would pay $150 and two people would pay $250.

We should address getting a ramp for the bus. A portable cattle loader or lift gate on a truck might work. Another alternative is bringing an extra car or truck.

Ken and Vicki might be willing to present some information on the tours. Can John Koshak present Friday evening? Carl will ask.

Home Stays

A list of those willing to take in folks was given to Cherry.

US Fish and Wildlife Funding Grant

The Financial Assistance Award was increased by $2,500. It is now $14,000.

Mailing Accomplishments and Membership Renewals

Mags will format the list of accomplishments, membership renewal, and Plover Festival registration form and e-mail it to Craig to send off to the post office.

The next meeting will be on Thursday, April 1 at 7 p.m.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

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