Karval Community Alliance

April 15, 2010 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Carl and Cherry Stogsdill, Sheri Logan, Frances Maskus, Betty Lee Bailey, Susann Mikkelson, Russell Davis, Steve Bailey, Jeff Thornton

The meeting was called to order at 7:11 p.m.

The previous meeting’s minutes were accepted.

Event Insurance

The previous quotes that Carl got will not cover participants after they get out of the bus to bird watch. That coverage through Gordon Insurance will cost over $600 for 3 days insurance. Susann will check with Farmer’s Union to see what coverage will cost with them.

Frances moved that all participants on bus tours sign a release of liability waiver. Jeff seconded. The motion passed.

Jeff moved that, if Carl can find event insurance for under $700, he purchase that in behalf of the Alliance. Russell seconded. The motion passed. If the insurance costs more than $700, the board will have an emergency meeting.

Tours and Transportation Committee (Jeff, Dan, Russell)

In general, permission to access ranches to the south has been obtained. The plover researchers will be available to help with tours. The buses are reserved. Tentatively, Seth Gallagher will be asked to present about plovers both Friday and Saturday evening, depending on the folks who are present. John Koshak may be asked to present. Carl will contact presenters.

Registrations (Carl and Cherry)

There are currently 6 full registrations and 1 other person planning to come on Saturday only. Currently, there are no special needs of which we are aware.

Vendor Booths (Frances)

Eight vendor booths have been reserved. There will also be a Karval history booth and hopefully, booths for RMBO, Division of Wildlife, and other agencies.

History Booth (Betty Lee)

If anyone has a picture of old-time homesteaders, she would appreciate the donation.

Food (Betty Lee)

Friday   night   6-8 pm  Willing Workers

Saturday  morning  5:30–8:30 am Alliance

noon  12-1 pm Friendship Circle

evening 6 pm  Karval 4-H

Sunday morning 6-8:30 am Lions Club

noon  12-1 pm Karval FFA

The Alliance will serve luscious breakfast burritos, juice, milk, biscuits, sausage gravy, butter, jelly, honey, salsa, and fruit. Assignments have been made. Any other food donations are welcome and would be appreciated.

The Alliance is providing plates for all meals, in order to keep track of customers. Clubs who are serving must supply any cups, napkins, and silverware.

The Sunday morning breakfast was moved back to 6 a.m. and the tour will take place at 6:30 a.m. This will need to be announced Saturday evening, since it was advertised as 5:30 a.m.

Program (High School Students)

The official program for Saturday evening will be developed…soon. The school singers are booked and rehearsing an engaging program of entertainment.

Door Prizes (Carl)

Carl has this under control! Don’t worry. Division of Wildlife and Farmer’s Union will bring some. Other amazing prizes are already lined up.

Promotional Items (Carl and Cherry)

These are purchased, printed, and in possession. The materials cost just over the original motion. Jeff moved that the Alliance over the difference between the original amount moved ($1010) and the actual cost ($1131). Betty Lee seconded. The motion passed.

Frances moved that we charge $32 for the denim shirts, $15 for the t-shirts, 11 oz. mugs for $12, and 15 oz. mugs for $15. Jeff seconded. The motion passed.

Susann moved that we order 10 more of each size of mug, for a total of 20 mugs. Betty Lee seconded. The motion passed. Carl will take care of this.

Invitations to Students in Lincoln County (Dan)

No report available at this time.

Snacks for Tours (Jeff and Steve)

This is covered.

Restroom Facilities (Steve)

These essential items are reserved, but someone will have to go get them.

Photo Contest (Frances, Susann, Shelia Pelster)

There will be no overall champion this year, but there will be a champion and reserve in each division. The total prize money will be about $510. First, second, and third in each category will win $15, $10, and $5 respectively. There are two age groups: adults and children. The champion and reserve winners will receive ribbons. Seven categories will be judged: animals, birds, people, farm and ranch, landscapes and scenery, Plover Festival, and Karval events. Photos will be displayed on the wall in the Community Center. Susann will ask Duke Phillips from Chico Basin Ranch to come and judge.

Media/Publicity (Mags and Dan)

The Plover Festival will be mentioned on Channel 4 in Denver. Frances is doing a great job of communicating with the newspaper to keep the festival and events published weekly. She might contact the Colorado Springs newspaper.

Meals for VIPs

Seth Gallagher, Ken Morgan, Paul and Vicky Drietz, and John Koshak add expertise to our tours and should receive free meals. Anyone in that category should be similarly treated.

After Prom

The Alliance received a letter from the Booster Club to support After Prom. Alliance members who want to individually donate to the Booster Club for this cause should contact Connie Stone.

RAW Report

Sheri, who served as a chaperone, reported on the Train the Trainer event. The kids had a great time – long days, tons of information, seining, animal identification, grass, etc. The Jeopardy game at the end was great. They stayed at Jay Frost’s house, which was very spacious, but had some technical problems that should be resolved if we stay there in the future – mice, water pressure and showers, and the oven. The program is very positive and, if it happens in the future, it would be good to have stronger student participation. There were reporters from the Gazette. We’ll get some free publicity from this.


We still haven’t received the official paperwork on this. Carl is unable to get through to the contact person at the IRS after leaving many messages. We cannot move forward with grant writing without the certifying information. Susann says that the Alliance’s EIN number is the key to accessing information. Farmer’s Union will serve as a sponsor for grants until we get the official paperwork for this status.

Branding Iron Calf-A

Should we pursue this as a CO-OP? Can the Alliance use their Farmer’s Union grant to research this possibility? In order to do this, Susann will need to contact USDA to ask permission to change this year’s grant funds from the meat processing facility focus to this project. A small stipend could be included to pay a coordinator for this project.

Farmers Union Grants

Rural Opportunity Business Grant – This would be for a lot more money ($100,000) and there is no match requirement. This is a more difficult grant to obtain, but is focused on more regional, large projects that are replicable. A meat processing facility would have a huge regional impact and would fit this grant very well. Thanks Susann for making us aware of this opportunity!

Other Business

Jeff moved that we pay Frances’ bills for materials for the photography contest. Cherry seconded. The motion passed.

Festival setup will be on Friday morning.


The banners from last fall’s conference are in the Community Center. A sandwich board at the turn from Hwy 71 would be helpful for people to know what’s happening in town. It’s probably too late to make a new sign, but we should put up the banners that we have.

Next Meeting

A wrap-up meeting is needed after the festival. Jeff moved that we have this meeting on Wednesday, May 5. Susann seconded. The motion passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:14 p.m.

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