Attendees: Dan Merewether, Carl and Cherry Stogsdill, Winifred Pepper, Frances Maskus, Betty Lee Bailey, Steve Bailey, Sheri Logan, and Jodi Kerr

The meeting was called to order at 725 pm.

Frances made a motion to approve the previous minutes with no changes and it was seconded by Winifred. All was in favor.

Treasurer’s Report: Current bank balance is $11,345.49. There was no questions regarding the treasurer’s reports that was handed out for review prior to the meeting. Carl moved to file the Treasurer’s Report with no changes and seconded by Betty. All was in favor.


501c3: Carl sent a certified letter as suggested by Pat Vice. Dan received notification that the letter was signed for on June 28th but no one has heard anything regarding the 501c3 status. We are going to wait until next meeting to make a decision on what step should be taken next if we have still not heard anything

Signs: Carl had no new information to report on the signs. He has made some calls but no one has gotten back to him. It was suggested that maybe we can ask around and someone within the county might be able to help us out with the signs. The Alliance is thinking about having the signs around 4 x 12 and made from painted aluminum. Carl does have permission to place the signs on highway 71. Once more details and prices are worked out it will be determined what should be placed on the sign. Carl said he would continue with investigating this matter.

RAW TRAINING: The RAW training is scheduled on July 22nd. So far they have 6 committed to attend the training but are expecting around 10. Sheri and Jodi asked for volunteers to bring dessert or salad for lunch that day. Dan and Betty said they would bring a dessert and Cherry, Winifred and Frances said they would bring a salad. (Thank you). We are planning on serving Chicken Salad, Egg Salad and BBQ Beef for the sandwiches.

Canola Investigation: Dan did not have a lot of new information to share at this meeting. He is still trying to gather all the information he can. He believes that it is still possible and will continue asking and gathering information.

Centennial Celebration Planning: Karval’s Centennial Celebration is schedule for July 2 – 4, 2011. Steve has already been working on the flea market. Some family gatherings are already being planned and verbal advertising is being done to help bring people to Karval for the celebration. It was suggested that maybe a meeting needs to be scheduled to invite all organizations or individuals that want to help plan this special event. Dan will talk with Tammy so see what is needed and how the Alliance can help.

Historical Buildings: It was determined that historical grants are not really going to help out. So the idea is going to be dropped.

Food Pantry: Sheri announced that Karval has been approved for the Share and Care mobile food pantry. It is scheduled to be on the 3rd Thursday of each month but a time has not been set up yet. No sign up is necessary; you just need to show up to receive your free food. Sheri did attend training in Hugo. Anther training is scheduled for September 14th in Eads. Jodi volunteered to attend that training. It was approved to reimburse her for mileage to attend this training regarding grant writing. More information regarding the food pantry will be given out once all the details have been worked out.

Meat Processing Mobile Unit: Carl is still looking into the mobile meat processing unit. He did find out there might be some grant money available for a feasibility test. He will continue finding out the necessary information.

Star Party: The 2nd Annual Astronomy Event at the Karval Lake is scheduled for August 20th and 21st at 3:00 pm and 7:45 pm. A bus will be leaving the community building at 7:00 pm to help with parking at the lake. It was decided to have a concession stand at the lake from 6 pm to 9 pm. A committee of Jodi and Cherry was formed to determine what items will be needed for the concession stand. They will be contacting individuals to help.

Carl will determine what type of lighting is needed. Several ideas were presented such as using red tail light tape or solar lights with red bulbs. He is willing experiment and purchase whatever he determines will work. Sheri made the motion for Carl to be able to purchase the necessary lighting for this event and Carl 2nd the motion.

Sheri will ask the county if they can mow the area with their big mower. Dan will use his little mower to get the areas the county can’t get with the big mower. Cherry and Winifred volunteered to clean the restrooms.

Shirts: Frances gave an inventory of what shirts the Alliance had available to sell. After discussing what should be ordered a motion was made by Sheri and 2nd by Betty to allow Frances to order up to $1,500 of Alliance apparel to be sold at up coming events.

Logo: Sheri asked if anyone had on their computer the Alliance logo. She is trying to make business cards and would like to be able to have the logo. Dan stated he does and will e-mail it to Sheri.


Karval Homecoming: This event is scheduled on September 11th – 13th. Karval Alliance is scheduled to provide the lunch on Saturday after the parade. It was announced to expect 250 -300 people. A committee was formed to plan the menu. Sheri, Winifred, Cherry, Betty, Jodi and Frances were appointed to the committee. The first meeting will be held at Betty’s home on August 23rd at 1pm.

Farmer’s Union Grant: This grant is given to help investigate and research different co-ops that might benefit the community. Several ideas were presented such as the café, gas station, mobile meat processing unit and even the canola plant. At the next meeting this money needs to be designated which direction we are going so we do not lose the grant.

Next Meeting: The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday August 25th at 700 pm.

This meeting was adjourned at 915 pm.


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