September 29, 2010


ATTENDEES: Carl and Cherry Stogsdill, Larra Atwater, Frances Maskus, Jodi Kerr and Dan and Mary Merewether

The meeting was called to order at 7:20 pm.

Carl made the motion to approve minutes and Frances 2nd. All in favor.

TREASURER’S REPORT: No report. There was a $25.00 donation given and a thank you will be sent out.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: REMEMER TO FILL OUT IN KIND DONATION forms and turn in each month. This includes time, food donations and mileage.



Homecoming: At the homecoming luncheon we served approximately 185 individuals. All the receipts have not yet been turned it but it is estimated we cleared around $200. It was a very small crowd and we had a lot of food left over. One item we had left over was pop. It was decided to sell the left over pop. Mary will ask the Friendship Circle if they would be interested in purchasing it for their upcoming events if not maybe the Community Building Board will want to purchase it for their Halloween party.

Plover Brochures: Larra handed out the new Plover Festival brochures for everyone to look at. Carl found someone local who has agreed to provide the Chuck Wagon meal for $10 a plate. It was suggested to advertise an authentic chuck wagon meal in the brochures with a picture of a chuck wagon. The brochures have it so individuals can register on –line or by mail with our PO Box listed. It was also suggested to add a registration form in the brochures. This could be possible if a few items are swapped around. Other than those few changes the brochures look good. Larra will make these few changes and then send it out for final approval. Once she gets the final approval she can get quotes to have our 1,000 brochures printed. To help speed up the process Francis made a motion then Carl 2nd the motion to give authorization to Dan to approve up to $800 to have the brochures printed. All was in favor.

Vendor application and a press release were also handed out for everyone to review. It was brought up that it is probably too early to send out the vendor application and we should wait until around the 1st of the year. As far as the press releases everyone was in agreement that those should be sent out right away. Frances made the motion and Carl 2nd the motion to go ahead and send out the press releases to magazines/societies to start advertising for the Plover Festival. All was in favor. Larra has produced a list to send this information to and will proceed.

It was also brought up that we might want to consider some other activities along with our Plover Festival such as speakers, bird calling contest, etc. This will be discussed at a later meeting. Also we should get PayPal set up so individuals could register/pay on-line. Sheri is looking into PayPal.

For some of our grants we need to personally promote our event. Russell has met with an endangered species organization and gave info about our association/event/RAW program. Carl stated that he felt Russell did an outstanding job but wanted Russell to have the opportunity to explain it to everyone. When Russell went to do this presentation he took some Alliance shirts and caps to hand out. Cherry made motion and it was 2nd by Frances for the Alliance to cover the costs of these items and not have anyone pay for them. All was in favor.

Computer: The new battery was put in and all is good.

Signs: Carl presented the information he had gathered since the last meeting. He has received no further information on cutting the signs out of metal. He presented the prices quoted by The Sign Shop in La Junta. They quoted a 4x12 sign made out of 3/16 aluminum painted on both sides for $1,400.00 or 2 signs painted on one side for $2,000.00. He also received quotes on banners which might be better. The banners can be put up with a pipe frame and screwed to a plywood backing. The price for a 4 x 12 banner was only $335.00 each. Either way we are looking at 2 signs; one for the north road and one for the south road.

It was decided to table the decision. At the next meeting, we need to decide for sure what we want on the sign; so everyone needs to bring their ideas.

RV Park: Dan gave an updated report. Pat Vice has recommended we submit a grant proposal to Cooper Clark; which helps with community development projects. It is still undecided what dollar amount we will be asking for. Dan is working on this.

Canola Grant: Dan has spoken to Suzanne Nickelson in regards to this. We are still trying to find some grant money to help with the feasibility study. Carl and Dan are still working out details but it looks like the next step would be coming up with a location to have a demonstration plot to show we can grow canola here. Dan is putting together a business plan. There are a lot of rules and regulations to take into consideration. The gas station project is going to be included in the business plan as well.

Raw Grant Proposals: Katie notified us that there was only one application received from other areas interested in started their own RAW program. Since there was only one, Bethune was given $1,000 to help start up a similar program and our local group will also work with them as well.

Christmas Lighting Celebration/Contest: Carl made motion with Mary 2nd the motion to have Sunday December 19th as the date for this annual event. All was in favor. Mountain View Electric has been contacted and they will make donations again this year for the winners. More details will be made closer to the event.

Light Bulbs/Christmas Lights: We can no longer get these items from Mountain View Electric. Frances contacted the company directly to see what the cost would be. It was decided that buying them direct would not be worthwhile since you can find them at bargains elsewhere. So when our stock is out we will no longer sell them.

501c3: We received it. YEAH!!! Dan has a book on what we can and cannot do which he will bring to the next meeting.

Portable Processing Unit: There is a meeting on October 7th in Fort Collins which will have units that people can look at to see how they are set up. Dan and Carl are thinking about going. Otherwise there is no new information that was reported.

Centennial Celebration: Different ideas where discussed on how the Alliance can help with this celebration planning/funding. It was discussed that the Alliance will help with celebration by becoming a sponsor. No final decision has been made.



RAW MONEY: The Alliance was asked to help out with the Prairie Chicken fencing markers project. The Alliance part would be financially tracking the project as well as providing a place where materials can be stored. Mary made motion and it was 2nd by Cherry to go ahead and assist with this project. All was in favor. Taylor Russell is helping with this project so it was suggested to invite him to come to the next meeting to inform us what he is doing and what the project is all about.

NEXT MEETING: October 20th at 700 pm.

The meeting was dismissed at 9:15 pm.


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