Community and Outreach

Karval is a busy town with community activities year-round. This is a very social community with hospitable, friendly folks who love to get together to celebrate holidays, school events, bridal/baby showers, birthdays, and just being together. Below is a sample list of annual activities.

Community Faith

Karval has three church communities between town and the Blue Cliff community building, south of Karval. In addition to those listed below, congregations of various denominations meet in Hugo, Ordway, and Limon.

Sustaining our Community

Karval boasts several clubs and organizations that all have a role in supporting the town. All are welcome and are heartily encouraged to participate.

Rich Agricultural Heritage

Tilghman P. Hersperger established a ranch at the head of Adobe Creek in 1872 about five miles from present day Karval. ‘Uncle Til’ tamed wild horses in the area, bred them, and sold them, some of his animals eventually serving with the British Army in the Boer War.

Conserving and Enjoying

Karval boasts the scenic, open landscapes of the Eastern Plains of Colorado. The area is enjoyed by fishermen, hunters, birdwatchers, photographers, campers, and hikers. Star-gazers also find Karval to be a great location to set up a telescope. Clear air and minimal light pollution make for a stellar feast. For those who enjoy broad, open expanses of land and clear, blue skies, Karval is a true haven.

Preparing our Youth

Karval School is the home of approximately forty students in grades pre-K through 12. Students receive individual attention from a caring twenty-member faculty in small classes. A counselor and school nurse are also available to support the students. The school is located at 16232 County Road 29 in Karval. Classes typically run four days a week, Monday through Thursday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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