Karval Community Alliance

Meeting Minutes February 18, 2010


The meeting was called to order at 7:08 p.m.

Attendees: Dan Merewether, Sheri Logan, Cherry Stogsdill, Winifred Pepper, Letha and Ron Clark, Betty Lee Bailey, Frances Maskus, Melvin and Aloha Wolf, Steve Bailey, Vernon Stone, Carl Stogsdill, Rose Sorenson, Mark and Mags Carling, Jeff Thornton

Previous Minutes

Correction: Shaun and Ashley Leonard won 1st place in the Christmas Lighting Contest.

The minutes were approved as corrected.

Festival Insurance

Jeff reported that we might need to look at insuring the festival and other Alliance events to cover possible liability. Jeff will make contacts to check into insurance for Alliance events.

Mark visited with the school about RAW Tour insurance. The students’ parents sign off that their insurance will cover any injury, and the school’s insurance is secondary.

Entrepreneurship MarketPlace 2010

This will take place in Limon on October 15, 2010. We hope that many community members will attend. The Alliance may want to have a booth.

Plover Festival Brochure

The brochure is completed by Tammy Thornton. Thank you Tammy! The new brochure shows that housing is available, but not included in the registration fee. It also doesn’t advertise free t-shirts. Next year, we need to print brochures in December, or even earlier.

Mark will pass out brochures at the Snow Goose Festival in Lamar and the Crane Festival in Monte Vista. Betty Lee’s daughter is willing to pass out brochures at various locations in Denver.

Letha moved that the Thorntons be reimbursed for the price of a printer cartridge and paper so 100 brochures can be printed in time for Mark to go to Lamar next week. Carl seconded. The motion passed.

Tammy will call the printer in Burlington to see what the most economical number of pamphlets between 400 and 700 will be.

Treasurer’s Report

Sheri is looking into getting a CD at First National Bank of Limon. She is working on the paperwork to get the Alliance established with that bank.

There may be a $121 mistake between last month’s report and this month’s, due to a missed deposit. Last month’s report should have been $121 more than shown.

Cherry moved that the RAW grant be used to reimburse the school for transportation of the RAW students to Pueblo for the Wildlife Society Conference. Jeff seconded. The motion passed.

Sheri moved that Mark be reimbursed for registration and fuel to the Snow Goose festival in Lamar this February. Vernon seconded. We believe that Katy Fitzgerald mentioned that these types of costs are reimbursable, so the motion was dropped and Sheri will contact Katy to follow up.

RAW Tours Report

Russell Davis and Mark went to Wray in January to a meeting of the Three Rivers Alliance, a group of ranchers with similar goals to those of the Alliance. Russell and Mark discussed the Partners for Conservation and RAW Tours. There was much interest in training students to give tours in that area. Training other students and producing a curriculum guide fall into the goals of the Karval RAW program, so this should be a good match.

On April 12 and 13, the Karval RAW kids will do a Train the Trainer Workshop at Chico Basin Ranch near Hanover with several environmental experts. This will give them a strong basic knowledge for their presentations this spring. If you know of any leads for urban schools to invite to these tours, please let Mark know.

Mark will check into the home school group in Colorado Springs, and another charter school in Colorado Springs is being invited. We can handle 50 students at a time, so we’re trying to increase the number of kids per day.

The kids came back from the Wildlife Society meeting in Pueblo with new ideas and a broader view of wildlife preservation and management. They did enjoy the day.

Mailing List of Accomplishments and Renewal Notices

Jeff moved that we add the alumni to the mailing list for these items. The motion passed.  Steve pointed out that the post office can help with a bulk mailing. Steve, Jeff, and Frances will form a committee to accomplish this task. Frances will e-mail Steve the membership renewal form.

Sheri suggested that we give graduates a free individual membership for one year.

Plover Festival Committees

Tours and Transportation – Jeff, Dan, Russell

Vendor Booths – Frances

History Booth – Betty Lee

Food – Betty Lee

Program – the high school students would be great

Promotional Items – Vernon will check with Marty about a source for shirts and caps, Cherry will also work on this

Door Prizes – Carl

PA System – Jeff

Invitations to Students in Lincoln County – Dan

Bus – Dan

Snacks for Tours – Jeff

Restroom Facilities – Steve can get one lined up and Jeff can help

Photo Contest – Frances (needs more help)

Media/Publicity – Mags

Coloring Book – Cherry with Katie Zipperer (needs pictures of relevant local “things”)

The schedule will stay the same as last year. There might be a kid’s tour on Saturday.

Dan will look online for the Small Steps Grant information.

Dan talked about making a ramp for the bus, possibly to the back door. Maybe a portable cattle chute would work.

We might want to get a walled tent to spread out eating, vending, and entertainment.

T-shirts and caps need to have cattle or windmills on them instead of birds. More people would buy them if they were more representative of the area. We could use these items to promote our centennial next year and just order extras.

Frances will get Wet Wipes and paper towels for the bus.


The Alliance is in line to serve lunch at Homecoming this September.

Next Meeting

Tuesday, March 9 at 7 p.m.

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