ATENDEES: Russell Davis, Frances Maskus, Louis and Cathy Martin, Dan Merewether, Jack and Sam Nelson, Vicky Seymour, Carl and Cherry Stogsdill, Katie Zipperer.

Meeting called to order 7:00 pm
AGENDA: Dan presented an agenda. Carl motioned to approved the agenda, and Katie 2nd.

MINUTES: The minutes should have read April 3rd not March 12th. Louis Martin and Brendan McCrann names were corrected. Russell moved to approve the corrected minutes. Frances 2nd.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT: A separate bank account has been opened with an attached a debit card. Danielle Descarlos the public relations person for Lincoln County has set up a TV interview on a show on Channel 9 this Thursday. Dan took one of the coloring pages Katie made to the school for the kids to color and return to display at the Plover Festival. John Koshack is still willing to provide door prizes for the Plover Festival. FFA Banquet speaker was discussed. Russell made a motion to pay the FFA chapter $100 to help cover the expenses of speaker. Carl 2nd. Motioned Approved.

Tourism Board Application: We have received $1000 from the tourism board and use of the PR person for Lincoln County.
Plover Festival Attendees: 7 people have paid for the entire weekend.
Friday will be somewhere close to Karval, probably Carl’s pasture. Saturday morning’s tour will be at Davis Ranch and undetermined tour in the afternoon. Sunday’s tour will be at the Brett-Grey Ranch. Louis will be telling history of the Brett-Grey Ranch on the bus ride. Participants must ride the bus.
Transportation: 2 buses have been reserved. Carl has a trailer that can be used.
Meals: Vicky and Connie have Sunday lunch covered.
Door Prizes: Bob LaForce Jr. donated 5 camera or binocular lanyards. John Koshack is bringing some. Russell is willing to donate some beef.
Promotional Items: Sell remaining Shirts and History book. Post cards if they are here.
Snacks: Frances has 50 bags of snacks ready. Vicky is getting candy bars. Water and juice boxes were also purchased to have on the busses. Dan also wanted to get coffee and hot chocolate in case of it being cold.
Photo Contest: Prizes will be given as usual. Frances has purchased a camera and memory card for the youth grand prize. 2 Judges have been secured, one is needed.
PA System: Ann Savage is bringing the PA system.

Coloring Book: Katie has the images ready. She will be printing the books on Wednesday. Katie suggested $2 for a coloring book. Carl motioned to charge $2. Sam 2nd. Motioned failed. Carl motioned to charge $3 or 2 for $5. Sam 2nd. Motioned passed.
History Booth: Katie will sell the History Books with a small display of local historical items.
Vendor Booths: 2 maybe 3 booths are spoken for.
Media/Publicity: The schedule should be in the local papers this week. Another article was already in the paper. Dan will be on Channel 9.
Porta-Potty: $185 Dan will get it on Friday and follow the tour busses.
Insurance: Dan brought an example of liability waiver and a warning sign about ranch animals. Everyone on the tours must sign the waiver. Dan has discussed event insurance with Tim Anderson. Carl motions to get as much insurance as possible at $400 or less. Frances 2nd. Motioned passed.
Housing: Advertising was seen saying that housing was included. If this becomes an issue the alliance is willing to reimburse.
Program/Entertainment: Joni James has a speech and Ann Savage has a performance group. Raptor program was cancelled.
Penny Machine: The County is sending the machine. The Alliance will get $.25 Connie is going to have change and pennies.

Plover Festival Evaluation Meeting: April 30 Lunch at the Café. Next Meeting: May 22nd

Meeting adjourned 8:26 pm

Submitted by Katie Zipperer Secretary 

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