ATENDEES: Frances Maskus, Louis and Cathy Martin, Dan Merewether, Vicky Seymour, Carl and Cherry Stogsdill, Doug and Connie Stone, Scott and Katie Zipperer.

Meeting called to order 7:34 pm
AGENDA: Dan presented an agenda. Carl motioned to approve the agenda. Connie 2nd. Approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Income: $56.00 for promo items. $1,417 for registration. $2,087.00 for meals. $12.00 from penny machine. Expenses: $870 meals, $870 Photo Contest, $34.65 postage. $90.00 Food. There are still many bills to pay.

SHORTGRASS PRAIRIE PARTNERSHIP: Meeting has been changed to June 7th. We are providing the meal.

Plover Festival Expenses: Busses $223.00
Paper supplies- $62.00 Meal

Willing Worker-33 plates=$198
FFA- 33 meals plates=$198
Friendship 79 plates=$474
Chuckwagon- 111 adults and 6 kids = $1368
Sunday breakfast- Donations from Larry have not been reported Sunday lunch 52 plates=$312

The Rookies-Entertainment $100 Frances motioned to pay. Louis 2nd. Passed. The band also got their meal free.
Rob Septic Service—for port-a-potties
Karval Community Club Building rent and Cleaning $95

Insurance to Gordon Insurance Brochures to TdWorks

Carl motioned to pay the Plover Festival Bills. Louis 2nd. Approved.

Plover Festival Income:
DOW is paying for their bird counter meals. $264
Penny Machine brought in $12
Donation by the Postmus $50.
Tourism Board $1000
Willing workers: 33 plates=$198
FFA: 33 plates=$198
Friendship Circle: 79 plates $474
Chuckwagon: 111 adults 6 child=$1368
Alliance: 52 plates=$312
Coloring Books and Sales: $485
Credit Card Registration: $100.00
Tour Registrations: $1,417
John Koshack: Carl will ask what he would be willing to sponsor.

Reviews: All were positive. Brett-Grey addition was well received. High School performers were well liked.

Ideas: Find a way to confirm receipt of payment. Get schedules ready earlier and this would allow promotion of the festival earlier. Also add the Brett-Grey Ranch to increase promotion. Maybe add Raptor program to Friday night. Pursue the art addition to the Festival. Create master list of promotions by email, articles, and brochures. Should we have a Publicity chair. Should we have an educational rate.

Next Regular Meeting: May 22nd. Adjourned 9:02 pm 

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