ATTENDEES: Jack Nelson, Pat Vice, Vicky Seymour, Carl and Cherry Stogsdill, Jeff Thornton, Dan Merewether and Frances Maskus.

Meeting called to order at 7:20pm

Dan made a motion to approve agenda. General consensus was to approve agenda.

MINUTES: Dan asked Frances to take minutes since the secretary was absent. No minutes were approved from last meeting.


Dan reported that Mr. Bridges was leaving and that the board had voted to hire Wes Hooper.

June 22, 2012 in Brush will be the Northeast Rural Entrepreneurship gathering. Dan would like to go and present our Campground/RV Park.


Dan sent the bill for the brochures and their next meeting will be the 3rd week in June.

SMALL STEPS GRANT: Dan will get the application filled out. It is due the middle of June.

Dan hasn’t written to John Koshak yet about money for the photo contest. But he will get that done.


We have received a replacement check from Bob & Nancy Stockers. Dan reported he had lost the first one. We felt for everything they had done to help the Plover Festival they need not replace it. No other report from the treasurer’s.

JUNE 2, 2012 there will be a meeting at the Wineinger Davis Ranch. Several from the Denver Audubon Society and RMBO will attend.

JUNE 7, 2012 the Short Grass Prairie Partnership meeting will be at the Karval Community Building. Dan had received the agenda. We will furnish lunch at noon for about 25 to 30 attending. A head count will be coming later.

Vicky will do 16lbs of hamburger for Sloppy Joes. She will get buns, whatever paper products we need and a lettuce salad. Frances will make enough Potato Salad. Cherry, Dan, Pat & Tammy will bring 2 pies each. We will have coffee, tea & water.

They want the Alliance to be part of the meeting.

A letter to Aaron Kravig from Rick Biebur was read and discussed. Dan had talked to Bryan Johnson, and Cody Clark about getting him back to speak. Rick is more a contiuous farmer.

RAW BILLING: Dan has not contacted Rachael Vermillion yet. But will try tomorrow.


The committee thinks they have about $1,000.00 left. Vicky thought it was closer to $2,000.00 The committee wanted to pay: Katie Zipperer--$300.00, Frances Maskus--

$100.00, Limon Methodist Youth Group--$300.00, Joseph Alexander--$150.00 and Tom Brown--$150.00. What money is left use it to make a sign or something in Karval that says we are 100 years old. Jeff made a motion to do as the committee asked. Carl seconded. Motion passed. Vicky will check on the balance of the Centennial funds.

LUMBER SALES: Lions are not having a sale in June. Dan wants to sell all the stuff and not hang on to it for another year. Jeff made a motion to sell the balance of lumber to Carl for $300.00. Jack seconded. Motion passed. Pat said Lundy’s in Hugo are redoing the Brass Hat and might be interested in the molding.

JULY 4-H:--Karval 4-H club will have a movie night, refreshments and maybe fireworks. The 4-H will also be having a movie night on May 31st. Cost is $5.00 a car or $2.00 per person. Cherry said that the pastors were also interested in doing another Sunday Service sometime.

PLOVER FESTIVAL SURVEY: Dan thanked Frances for typing up the summary. Copies were handed out. Discussed maybe having a tour on Friday at the Brett Gray Ranch and not one on Sunday. It will be decided later.

POSTCARDS: Jeff said the store in Rocky Ford will do 4 designs, 25 each for $56.00, total of 100. They are 4x6 and medium grade. After discussion Jeff motioned to get 400 postcards up to $250.00. 100 of each design. Carl Seconded. Motion passed

BROCHURES: We need to get them done earlier. Frances can give them away at the Fair in August. Carl will visit with Danielle Descalos. She works for the tourism board. Carl will see what she can do to help us or suggestions she would have. She is to let us know when Channel 7 will air the story that Jim Weiss did. A writer in Colorado Springs will get us info on the Boy Scouts. The Boy Scouts will pay to camp to earn their badges.

BIRDER PUBLICATIONS: Advertising needs to be out lots earlier. Jeff thought some was $100.00 per issue and suggests to run two times. Jeff will get names of Publications for the next meeting. Pat suggested an article this fall in the Country Life magazine besides the calendar. John Koshak will be doing more advertising for us.

PLOVER FESTIVAL WRAP UP: Larry Leonard said the donations on the breakfast was $128.51 and they gave that to the elementary grades. They went to the zoo in Colorado Springs. Larry and crew were happy with the way everything went and are willing to do it again.

OLD SCHOOL: Carl is to call Dorman Brothers the 1st part of June and they want to meet with the Alliance, The Fire Department and Shaun Leonard. Dorman Brothers are selling out and they want to deed the land to the Karval Alliance and some to the Fire Department. Dorman will bring their estimates for the gas station.

Pat Vice would like to be down here on the afternoon of our meeting dates. She would visit with people at least once a month.

Pat reported that the Board of Directors of the Port to Plains will meet on July 12 & 13 in Brush. Pat will report on the wind towers, the oil wells and Karval. 20 people from all the states plus Mexico and Canada will be there.

Next meeting: June 19, 2012 at 7:00pm

Meeting adjourned at 9:00pm

Submitted by Frances Maskus 

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