Meeting called to order at 7:10pm.

ATTENDEES: Jeff Thornton, Jack Nelson, Russell Davis, Carl Stogsdill, Frances Maskus, Cherry Stogsdill and Dan Merewether

Carl made a motion to approve the minutes and agenda with additions to the agenda. Jeff seconded. Motion passed.

Dan thanked Frances for taking the minutes.

In the absence of the Treasurer Carl gave a report off of the Bank Statement. As of October the checking balance is $16,507.00 and online statement is $149.62.

COMMON GRANT REPORT: Dan is working on one. Budget for the last 2 years and an Audit for the last 2 years is hard to come up with that information.

CALENDARS: No new report. Hopefully they will be here the end of November. Charge for the calendar is $5.00 and anyone paying for an ad gets a calendar free.

POSTCARDS: Jeff reported that Tammy had gotten the pictures to the printer. Tammy hadn’t done anything since she got a new job. Jeff is going to LaJunta tomorrow (Wednesday) and will check on how they are coming.

WILDLIFE EDUCATION FACILITY: Russell had talked to Vicky Drietz and she wants to be kept in the loop. Discussed about having other meetings. Need to have short information at the annual meeting. We need a Summary for key people and then have a community meeting. Key People being Farm Bureau, Farmers Union, Travis Taylor, etc.

PLOVER FESTIVAL ADVERTISING: Carl had talked to Danielle Dascalos back in Sept. and she didn’t know if she was still hired by the Tourism Board or not. Carl will contact her and see if she is now and if not what she would charge to be our Marketing person. This needs to be done ASAP. Russell volunteered to send about 10 brochures to the Audubon Chapters in Denver and Colorado Springs . Carl & Cherry had sent brochures to Brownsville , Tex. with a cousin of Cherry’s.

Do we need to send ads to magazines to advertise festival?
Dan had received an email from William Burnage and he will forward it on to everyone.

SCHOOL BUS PURCHASE: Dan checked on insurance and it will run $549.00 a year, plus our other insurance for the festival which was $398.98 last year. Carl made a motion to bid $1,050.00 on the 42 passenger bus and $1,625.00 on the 71 passenger bus. Jeff seconded. Motion passed. Dan asked Frances to submit the bids by Nov. 16 to the school. She said she would do that.

SECRETARY OF STATE: Dan had received a notice about something that needed to be filed. Carl said we need to stay on top of all the filings. Blue Cliff got into trouble and the cost to do it now is a lot higher. With the hard work that Carl & Cherry did with the 501 ©3 we don’t want to loose that. Russell said some of filings with the State and Federal you don’t get any notifications. You just have to do it by the deadline. One is due in November. Frances said that was the treasurer’s job. Sheri had all the paperwork on that done and Vicky needs to go thru the information and check on all state and federal reports and make sure they are filed before they are overdue. Dan will send her the notice he has received.

YEARBOOK AD: No report HOLIDAY BASKET: No report BOY SCOUTS: No report

DORMAN BROTHERS: Carl called Mike and he wanted Carl & Shaun to measure the lot. Carl & Cherry had gotten a new map at the Assessors office today. Several need to go measure the lot and then go to Burlington and talk to Mike. Lot could be 150’ X 142’ when done.

ANNUAL MEETING: The date for the annual meeting was discussed. Carl made a motion to have it on Jan. 22, 2013. Jeff seconded. Motion passed. Jeff made a motion we have it catered and pay $10.00 a plate and guarantee 60 plates. We will furnish tableware. Carl seconded. Motion passed. Dan will talk to the school kids and see if anyone is interested. They need to give us a menu before we decide on it. Dan asked Frances to do a year end summary and include the Enterprise Zone and Wildlife Education Center . Frances asked about updating the By Laws for the annual meeting since 2 amendments were voted on at the last annual meeting. After our next meeting Katie needs to send out notices for the Annual meeting.

Next meeting: Dec. 18, 2012 @ 7:00pm. Everyone to bring snacks (finger food). We will have refreshments for Christmas. Frances said she will make Hot Cider.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm. 

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