Karval Community Alliance
Minutes of June 19, 2012 meeting
Dan Merewether called the meeting to order at 7:15. Members present were Carl and
Cherry Stogsdill, and Vicky Seymour. Carl made motion to approve Agenda as
presented. Seconded by Cherry, motion approved. Minutes were e-mailed, all had
read them, but we have not approved the last several meeting minutes, Carl motioned
that we table all unapproved minutes until next meeting when more members can be
present. Vicky seconded the motion, it was approved.
Treasurer’s report showed $1,033 remaining in the Centennial Fund. Plover Festival
income did not quite cover expenses, but there are some items to come in as of this
date. Dan moved to file treasurer’s report as written, Carl seconded, motion approved.
President’s report: ECCOG packet was received, Vicky will take to read. Dan attended
Lender’s breakfast and received information to review. Northeast Philanthropy days
registration was filled, so KCA will not have representation this year.
Vicky Dreitz and Russell would like to pursue Wildlife Research at Karval. Pat Vice met
will Dan and Carl today for lunch, Economic Development Grant might be available for
Wildlife Research feasibility study.
Dan would like to proceed with new pictures, dates, etc. for the Plover Brochures. Will
ask Katie to work on them and e-mail draft before going to printer. He hopes to have
them in time for the Lincoln County Fair.
Short Grass Prairie Partnership meeting June 7 meal was provided by Alliance
members. Dan thanked Vicky for overseeing the details for the meal. It was voted to
reimburse members who contributed pies @ $10.00, Mary Merewether, Tammy Parker-
Thornton, Cherry Stogsdill, Cathy Martin and Pat Vice. Vicky Seymour, $50.00 for
ingredients and supplies, Frances Maskus $20.00 for potato salad, and Russell Davis,
16 lbs. hamburger @ $3.75 per pound. 41 plates were served.
Carl reported that Danielle Descalos said the filming by Jim Weiss was shown on
Channel 7 the weekend of the Festival. He has not been able to get in touch with the
Boy Scouts for Plover study campout.
We have not received information on the postcards, will keep them on the agenda for
next meeting.
Dan met with the Karval Community Club concerning transfer of the land under the
Community Building from the Karval Alliance to the Community Club. They were
favorable to this action. A resolution was drafted to read “Be it resolved that the Karval
Community Alliance transfer a 50ft. by 142ft lot to the Karval Community Club. Said lot
is the location of the Karval Community Building.” Motion by Carl, seconded by Dan to
approve the resolution. Motion passed unanimously.
Next meeting will be on the regular schedule of 2nd Tuesday---July 10th at 7 p.m.
Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
Substitute secretary for the evening, Cherry Stogsdill

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