Karval Community Alliance
Special Meeting to Discuss Wildlife Educational and Research Center
Meeting Minutes
July 23, 2012
Called to Order: 7:10pm
ATTENDEES: Russell Davis, Vicky Drietz, Daniel Hampson, Dan and Mary Merewether, Katie
Merewether, Carl and Cherry Stogsdill, Pat Vice, Katie Zipperer, Maggie, Corey, Lonnie,
The following is a list of highlights of points discussed about the Wildlife Educational and Research
Vicky: Steps towards-- willing to meet with the planning people. Educational proponent is a key to
getting funding.
Dream facilicity: Field gear, ATV storage, Living quarters, Common area—kitchen, bathroom. Office
area—computer space, accessibility, laboratory?
Russell: Petroleum industry interest, land owner involvement, using school building, turn-around time
on planning grant, cost of planning analysis, critical to keep research here to help with problems akin to
plover being on endangered list “community based conservation” growth or economic benefit to the
Pat: Planning grant—outside eye, joining purposes, idea of different agencies for funding streams, land
can be a match for grant monies, sustainability, maintenance, turn-around time as little as 6 months
$10,000-$20,000 Approximate-depends how detail we need
good opportunity now—community support
Don't need a castle—just functional
Tax credit for land access
Oil and Windfarm—interested in nature projects for image promotion
Carl: Area has become more investment community—how does and will this affect us
Ideas for Facility: RAW headquarter, classrooms, meeting space, expanding RAW to the college level,
outside shower and bathroom facility to use for multiple events, hunting lodge,
A letter to interest to be sent to USFWS, NRCS (Phyllis Phillips), Peabody Energy Conservation
Component (Wanda Bergett), Bill Noonan, Katie Fitzgerald, and possibly others. Vicky will make final
changes to letter, Katie Z will scan copy with signatures and email .pdf to appropriate parties, and Pat
Pat is expected to attend the Aug 14th meeting, she will have planning grant information then.
Adjourned 9:09pm

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