Karval Community Alliance
Meeting Minutes
August 8, 2012
ATTENDEES: Jack Nelson, Carl and Cherry Stogsdill, Winifred Pepper, Dan
Merewether, Frances Maskus, Samantha Nelson.
Carl moved to approve the agenda. Cherry seconded. Motion passed.
Dan asked Frances to take minutes in the absent of the Secretary. Frances read the
minutes from the July 10th meeting. After discussion Carl made a motion to approve the
minutes with the following correction: Under RAW Frances wanted to stipulate that no
one makes money on the curriculum . Jack seconded. Motion passed.
Carl said not everyone is getting the minutes. Jack Nelson and Vicky Seymour are not
getting minutes. Frances asked Dan if Mary could update the email list and give it to
Katie Zipperer.
Calendar: Cherry has sold 5 ads so far on the calendar. Discussed how many to order.
Carl made a motion to order 125 or the minimum around that figure. Frances seconded
motion. Motion passed. There are 16 small ads and 11 big ads on the calendar.
Treasurer’s report: Vicky had fixed the treasurers report but Cherry forgot to bring them.
Cherry will scan them and send to everyone. Dan will see that Vicky gets the dollar
amount and address for William Burnage for the meal.
RAW Curriculum: Frances presented a bill for making 20 copies of the book for Russell.
After discussion Carl motioned to pay Frances $29.00 for the box of copy paper from
the Alliance . Jack seconded. Motion passed. It was discussed whether the school needs
to be notified first for the RAW part or have the Alliance pay it and then notify the
School. Carl motion to pay the $50.14 and then have RAW reimburse the Alliance for
the curriculum book expenses. Jack seconded. Motion passed. Frances will talk to
Rachael at school about the expense.
Dan had emailed Katie Fitzgerald about the copy right of the book. She said some of the
information was not hers or Marks Carling. Dan will contact Mark Carling and see what
he says.
FFA Banquet: FFA returned our check that we gave them for the guest speaker. The
consensus was to deposit the check and we will decide later.
Karval Lots: Dan had talked to Penny Wilkins. She will draw the paper work up at no
cost. Dan told her that there was no hurry.
Ports to Plains: Dan attended a meeting. Pat had included the Alliance in the
presentation. Everyone knows where Karval is now. Thanks to Pat.
Short Grass Prairie Partnership: Dan will get all the information to Vicky so she can bill
them for the lunch and Building. She needed dollar amount and address.
Grant Workshop: Dan attended a workshop in Limon on Tuesday. He thought it to be
very informative. They will have one once a month for 4 months. We need to start
making a budget, Goals and objectives and time line just to start. For $199.00 you can
access a data base for grant opportunities.
Common Grant Application: The Alliance needs to start working on each section.
Maybe at meetings or have the board meet and start drawing it up. The consensus was to
have the board meet and start.
Research Center: The proposal was sent to Bill Nooman and Katy Fitzgerald. Carl and
Cherry got the signatures on the proposal. Dan emailed it to Bill and Katy. Bill will
comment on it and let Dan know. A couple of people need to talk to Brian Johnson at
NRCS in Hugo. Dan will talk to Russell and see who he has sent the proposal to and
then figure out who else needs a copy. Dan wants help on this.
Brochures: Katie Zipperer got the brochures at the fair. Carl and Cherry have sent about
50 of them to Texas . TD Works is for sale. The bill was $462.75 for 1500 brochures.
Post Cards: Dan talked to Tammy and she was not happy with the photos we were using.
Need to be sharper pictures. Tammy wanted to know if we give credit to the person who
took the picture? Consensus was yes we do.
Cherry talked to Michelle about putting the T Shirts in the Calf-A. She was OK with
Wildlife Research Facility: Carl motion that we apply for the Enterprise Zone for the
facility. Cherry seconded. Motion passed. Dan wants the Board to set down with Pat
Vice and work on that.
Next meeting September 11, 2012
Meeting adjourned 8:35pm.
Frances Maskus

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