Karval Community Alliance
Meeting Minutes
September 11, 2012
Attendees: France Maskus, Dan Merewether, Vicky Seymour, Carl and Cherry Stogsdill, Pat Vice,
Katie Zipperer
Meeting called to order at 7:11.
Agenda: Dan added Calendar and Cafe Sales. Carl moved to approve. Frances 2nd . Motioned approved.
Minutes: Corrections spellings of Burnidge and Noonan, and date should be Aug. 15. Cherry moved to
approve with corrections. Katie 2nd. Approved
Treasurer's report: Paypal is up and running. $102 was deposited from paypal. These funds are from a
plover festival attendee. Bills for the Food Pantry is behind. Carl said to pay it all with the debit to get
caught up. It is suggested that the Food Pantry bill be sent to the Alliance mailbox to expedited the
payment process. It is currently be sent through to Diane Clark and then to France to Vicky.
Dan had a question of whether or not we are holding funds for the RAW program or being reimburse
after the fact. So far we have been getting reimbursed from fish and game. There was a mix up on the
brochure invoice. Frances moved to pay the balance of $723.84. Carl 2nd. Approved.
The Shortgrass Prairie Partnership will be invoiced $12 a plate and $25 building rent for the meeting
that was held.
GRANT WORKSHOP—Dan attended workshop. He is going to start filling out for the common grant
application. He would like to have some other editing help with it. Frances suggested emailing it to the
officers and then to discuss the contents at the meetings. Dan thinks that having some of this done will
be helpful background for when we have a grant writer hired. He has two more grant workshops to
attend. The workshops are free but registration is needed.
KWERC-- Dan sent a proposal about the KWERC(Karval Wildlife Education and Research Center) to
William Burnidge with the Shortgrass Prairie Partnership. He thought we needed to focus on demand
for this. Pat Vice said this would be covered in a Planning Study. EDA Planning Grant will be a 50/50
match. In-kind donations can be used to match. We are looking at about $15,000. This district has not
done any projects yet. This is a point in our favor. Once we are approved for planning we will get the
money. The alliance needs to see what our potential partners can foresee bringing to the table to help
match, either money or product or service. If we focus on education we will get more interest. Pat
believes that from the application to implementation could be as short as 5 months. Our focus right now
is to talk with our potential partners. Pat will continue with the planning grant and bring us more
East Central Council of Governments-- Individuals who donate can get a tax benefit. Monetary
donations get 25% and non-monetary 12.5% tax credit. We must be approved by ECOG and
participants have to preregister online to get the tax credit.
Postcards: Dan is going to contact Tammy about the postcards.
Magazine ads: Dan said Jeff had some specific ones he thought we should try. Dan is going to contact
Jeff about which ones. Katie will also research avenues to advertise the plover festival.
Calendar: Cherry has got all but a few ads done. Katie will need a couple of hours to finish corrections
and additions. We will turn this in a soon as possible to get them by December.
Cafe Sales: Cherry has put some shirts in the cafe. She left a bank envelope to keep the monies and a
list of inventory with Michelle. We are getting $10 for t-shirts and $20 for denim shirts.
Store: Katie needs to update the store website. She will add the plover registrations, coloring books,
centennial books, and remove old t-shirts.
Meeting adjourned 8:42.
Next Meeting: Oct. 9

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