The Karval Community Alliance Board of Directors met with community members on March 27th.  Carl Stogsdill, Chairman of the Board brought the meeting to order. The main purpose of the meeting was to finalize some plans for the Mountain Plover Festival in April.

Minutes of last meeting were read. No Treasurer's report was given as Jeff was not present.

Cherry Stogsdill, Pat Vice, Steve Burgess and Jeff Thornton had made a trip to Kansas to visit some small town cafe's, etc. Cherry Stogsdill gave a report on that trip. Motion was made by Rhea Vickers that we reimburse the group for their trip expenses, up to $160.00. Vernon Stone seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Carl Stogsdill passed out a copy of the press release he had sent to 44 publications, 6 free-lance writers and 7 TV Stations.

What do we put in the packet that will be sent to the Festival registrants? Some of the items mentioned were:
1.Motels and rates
2.Camp sites available
4.Chuckwagon dinner should be enlarged upon, along with home cooked lunches.

Saturday lunch will be served by Friendship Circle. Saturday night chuckwagon will be served by the FFA students. Sunday morning continental breakfast will be served by the Lion's Club. Sunday lunch will be served by Willing Workers.

These organizations will be responsible for purchasing the food and serving it. Motion was made by Letha Clark that we pay the organizations as follows:   Saturday and Sunday lunches-$5.00 per plate. Saturday night chuckwagon: $7.00 per plate. Sunday morning continental breakfast - $3.00 per plate. Cherry Stogsdill seconded the motion.

We discussed what to charge for the meals, if they were not Mountain Plover Festival registrants. An amendment to the above motion was put before those present that we charge them $6.00 for the lunches, $8.00 for the chuckwagon dinner and $4.00 for the continental breakfast. And that everyone who is not a registrant will pay for their meals at this rate. Motion carried.

Cherry Stogsdill suggested that the organizations purchase food locally, as this is a Economic Development project.

Each organization will collect the money for the meals from those who are not registrants. Cherry Stogsdill thought it would be a good idea to have bracelets for the Festival Registrants so that when people come thru the meal line, clubs will know who needs to pay. Then the orginization would turn over that money to the Alliance and they would then distribute the funds. Cherry said that she would get the bracelets.

Carl Stogsdill then said that we need to clean up the grounds around the Community Building before the Festival. A date was set for April 16th at 9:00 A.M. for a work day to any who can come.

Carl Stogsdill then asked if the Alliance thought that we needed to plot the land. He thought it would cost at least $500.00 to have that done. Burton Vickers suggested that we wait. Then if someone wants to buy some of the land we would decide at that time.

We then set the date for next years Festival. It will be April 26-27,2008.

We then discussed how many t-shirts and caps to buy with our logo on them. We decided not to put "1st annual festival" on the shirts, in case they all don't sell. Melvin Wolfe made motion that we purchase 50 shirts in various sizes and 60 caps. Francis Maskus seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Jeff Thornton is to check with students from county schools to see if any of them would want to come and we would not charge them. We would invite 2 from each school. The thinking is that it might create some interest. Carl will check with Jeff to see if this has been done.

The next meeting will be April 20th at 7:30 with refreshments served.

Respectfully submitted Letha Clark, Secretary


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